Sunday, September 29, 2013

One Laid Back Princess


"Do you mind, Lady? Princess Torii is shaved NAKED there!"

"Focus on the paws instead. See Torii do the hula dance?"

"Watch as Torii does kung fu."

"Enjoy her rendition of the Can-Can!"

"Look deep into Princess Torii's eyes and fall completely under her spell."

"Did it work yet?"

"You looked at the belly again, didn't you?"

"Cropping is your friend, Lady."

"Don't look! The spay meds made her loopy!"

FYI: The chair upon which Princess Torii did her posing is a creation of the kittens' own making. At one time, it was the chair they hid under. After I tipped it over (in order to reduce their hiding options), they removed all of the cushions and took them to separate corners of the room. They rotate blankets into the chair on an as-needed basis. It has become one of their favorite climbing and perching spots as well. Not bad for a thrift-shop special ;-)


Something we learned at this weekend's adoption event...

Miggy likes candy.

Really likes candy.

We snagged a couple of the lollipops left out for visitors to this weekend's adoption event for ourselves. When Miggy showed interest in the lolly as it was raised past his face, the kitten catcher let him sniff it. She wasn't expecting to have to hold it for him as he licked it ;-)

He tired of green apple pretty quickly though and moved on to cream soda (which is my favorite). Dude's got good taste.

No adoptions this weekend. Rain and an incredible football game for the hometown Detroit Lions seemed to keep everyone out of the store today. But our kittens are getting more and more comfortable with the showings. It was good practice for next week. And while we wait for another event? I get kitten kisses... lots and lots of kitten kisses. It's all good.


  1. Oh my, you have such stressed kitties over there.. they so need to learn to relax..

    I do have to say that lollipop thing nearly slayed me that is just too funny

  2. I love that they're into furniture design!


  3. Oh I love seeing the Princess in all her floofy (and goofy) glory! And thanks for explaining the chair - I was turning my head all angles trying to figure out what type of scratching post/cat furniture that was! :)

    I think you need to let Miggy lick a lolly pop at all of the adoption events - what an attention grabber!

  4. Torii is certainly the Paws-Up-Princess, and Miggy and the lollies -- too cute!

  5. Love the belly shots! Such a pretty girl is Princess Tori. I'm surprised Miggy didn't get fur on his lolly pop, lol