Saturday, September 7, 2013

They Love Me Not, They...


Big big BIG changes in the front foster room this weekend! I am now greeted by five loving, rubbing, mewing, attentive kittens who demand (yes, DEMAND) love. Even Princess Torii, even if she doesn't look like it in the pictures.

"What?? I am purring right now, Lady. This IS Princess Torii's love face!"

"O-kay... Perhaps you're just a little too close now."

Hello, Garnet.

Someone else who loves me?

Mr. Handsome Chunk-a-Munka-Man (who weighed in at 6 pounds on Friday!)

"You had to bring up the weight thing, didn't you Lady?"

"How about we discuss something else instead?"

"Like how much Miggy loves you..."

"Now rub the belly."

"HEY! Un-Fair! Maxie has loved the Lady all along. SHE wants a belly rub too!"

Hello, Garnet.

Cutest. Photobomber. Ever.

(Well, she's tied with Maxie. Those two have messed up more photos than I care to count.)


Also sending the love?

Norman and Einstein's rose bushes are at it again.

Dozens of blooms and dozens of buds getting ready to bloom.

Grizzly's white rose bushes are budding too. 

They make me happy enough to get in front of the camera too.
Voila! See? I told you that Princess was the only gray haired one left ;)


  1. awwwww.....feelin' the love!!! the roses are lovely - as are you and the kitts. :)

  2. You're beautiful! In so many ways!


  3. I get a little misty looking at the flowers Einstein and Norman are sending you. :')

  4. Awwww!!! You are as pretty as Einstein and Norman's roses! Garnet is the best photo bomber ever!

  5. What a wonderful foster room development!!!

    Love the last pic -- gorgeous! :)


  6. LOVE all the pics! Sending the love back.

  7. Lots and lots of love (and photobombs)

    This post made me smile