Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunny Sunday

"Hellooooooooo. What's new?"

"Max is just laying here... looking at the big warm light bulb thingy in the sky..."

"And waiting for the Mama Lady to finish watching basketball..."

"Sigh... Max is bored with basketball."

"Let's destroy something while discussing the awesomeness of Max's whiskers."


  1. I was JUST coming down to the comment box to talk about your amazing whiskers, Max! They are truly awesome. :)

  2. Max, did you curse the Spartans? Mama won't be watching any more basketball now that they are done. But on the upside, baseball starts tomorrow!

    1. Thank goodness for baseball! I have a new Detroit Tigers shirt to wear while I'm out with the dogs tomorrow. Couldn't resist... it was "Buy one, Get one" and the boy child needed a Miguel Cabrera shirt since he outgrew the Justin Verlander one :)

  3. You look so comfortable Max, enjoying the light and the stretches. Hope your mom's basketball watching ends well. :)

  4. Lovely Max..... you are in luck as basketball season ended for the boys in green.

  5. Max-if you don't mind a bit of a travel you can come down here to visit me. I do not watch basketball or baseball but on Sundays you would have to deal with Nascar. I will admire your whiskers and you could also maybe play with my kitty Oreo. (I have not cleared this with her yet though). Let me know. :P