Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It was a very Meowy Christmas.... and a Catnip Mew Year!

"Yes, WE know Catmas was DAYS ago. But considering that it's my Mama Lady writing this? You're lucky this posts before NEXT Christmas."

Mama Lady edits to comment, not about the tardiness of my post but to wonder what in the heck Roo is doing back there.

"And read that title again. Can you hear the song? Roo can because the Mama Lady is singing it over and over and over and over. She strikes again!"

Christmas came early to Teeny Tiny Tabby Town with the arrival of a ginormous cat tree for our dining room sunny spot. 

"Hey! Who moved the old one in here? They should be commended. The view is a-maz-ing!"

Actually, Roo wasn't in the old cat tree to enjoy the view. You know and I know that she was there because the new one made her nervous. But let's humor her and keep it among ourselves.

Eventually, Ruby decided to be brave and join Mr. Simba in the dining room.

"She's thinking about challenging my authority, isn't she? She had BEST not be thinking about challenging my authority if she knows what's good for her!"

THWACK! thwack thwack thwack thwack thwack!

**low whistling heard here... because Ruby is minding her own business... yeah, right**

"Soon, Mr. Simba. Very soon and when you least expect it, that perch will be MINE!"

"That's what SHE thinks. It will be hers for about 15 seconds until Max takes it from her!"


Since the secret of their big gift was long since blown, I saved a very special package or two for Christmas morning. ((In actuality, they opened their package on Christmas evening because, in true Ruby fashion, Roo was afraid of Christmas morning.))

The packages were a very special delivery from our blogging Secret Santa Paws, Miss Marjorie from  I hid the boxes in my closet, but Simba clued me in pretty quickly that there was catnip of the best variety in at least one of them... and he was a PEST of epic proportions until he was finally allowed to investigate what was inside.

"Dude! I knew I smelled the good stuff!"

"I looooooooove it!"

"You're darn lucky that there's two of these, young whippersnapper."

 "Because this one's mine."

 "All mine."

"Oh my.... Am I high?"

"Yes. Quite high. Do we have any Cheetos?"

"Yo, Mama Lady! We're going to let you finish, but we want to let Miss Marjorie know that the Big Ol' Catnip Sack is the best cat toy of all time!"

Ruby was content to let Max and Simba fight it out over the Big Ol' Catnip Sacks...
Especially when she found there were toys much more to her liking in the box (like these sparkly ones)

 And these furry ones too.

She did eventually even get a turn with the the prized Big Ol' Catnip Sack, but gave it up rather quickly in order to lay claim to her favorite new Christmas toy...

And you'll always know it's her favorite because she takes it into the master bathroom to toss around while she trills.

Another package contained a very pretty kitty scarf for me. If my clients don't already know that I'm a crazy cat lady, I'm guessing they'll figure it out when I wear this to the office :)

Thank you so much, Marjorie. I hope you can tell that the gang here at Teeny Tiny Tabby Town very much appreciated your kindness this year.


I may have been five days late to wish you a Merry Christmas, but at least I'm one day early to wish you the happiest of New Years. Hopefully we'll see more of each other here in 2015, but just in case you haven't found me on Facebook yet... you might want to check the link. I manage to sneak there more often to give brief snippets in my long breaks between blog posts. 


  1. she isn't nervous, she is smart and cautious.. :)

    And Simba has to get down to use the litterbox at some point..

  2. mom got one of those scarfs too. that is an awfully nice tree you gotted. and that secret paws box looks awesome!!

  3. You kids sure got some pawesome prezzies! Have fun with everything in the New Year :)

  4. What a PAWSOME package from our pals at Dash Kitten! Those cats sure know how to put a package together!

  5. peeEss if you will add a follow by email button on your blog, I will follow you

  6. Wowwee! What a pawsome Christmas you had. Those are some great Secret Paws presents.

  7. Looks like some kitty needs to take it easy with the nip! MOL! That looks like a wonderful Secret Paws package. Thank you for participating this year.

  8. It looks like a meowy Christmas was had by all! But what did Chuckles get from Santa?

    1. The Chucklehead got a ginormous (4 foot long) bone. I laid it in front of the tree on Christmas morning (er.... Santa laid it in front of the tree Christmas Eve). We let him in the room and he ran straight for it, grabbed it, and took it to his bed for four straight days of bone chewing. It's gone.

    2. The doggie equivalent of catnip! :D

  9. Oh my gosh! Your house looks like mine - cats and toys everywhere. LOL