Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy (Almost) Mother's Day!

Okay, so it IS actually Mother's Day. But this young lady...

... is (almost) a mother.

(Yep. She's almost a mother in the way that you can be almost pregnant. 
There's kittens and they're coming!)

And because she needs a place to raise those babies of hers...

We're baaaaaaack!

(Did you miss us?)

We've opened up the doors at Teeny Tiny Tabby Town for a (potentially) limited engagement because this very special little girl needed us.

And because sometimes you just need a furry shoulder pad.

And so...

Meet Dahlia.

Dahlia's beginnings might sound familiar to our regular readers. She came from a feral cat colony known to us. The one that's run by our favorite kitten catcher.

So feral, that Dahlia is.

Our Dahlia is so feral that she's the the anti-feral. She's a kitty who simply didn't belong to that outside community. She's friendly. She's sweet. She's the most affectionate cat I've met in years (and that includes my own cats). She's clearly known people. But she's also been abandoned... whether that came before or after the pregnancy we'll never know.

Her arrival at the kitten catcher's colony came through a chain of kitties who are already familiar to us:

Our last mama in residence, Miss Mama Mae (or "All the Way Mae", as she was affectionately known)...

Who was the Mama to our last foster failure Mistress Max...

Brought a certain tuxie boy to the colony...

One who looks just like the little lady above (but much bigger)...

(And I've searched for his photo and can't find it for now, but I'll insert right here later)...

Which would make him Maxie's dad (who we call Maxwell Sr)...

And HE...

Brought our new little friend Dahlia to safety with the kitten catcher.

The vet tells us that Dahlia is just a baby herself. 
She's probably no more than 8 to 10 months old. 
Just a baby having babies.

She made herself at home right away.

She unloaded the toy box, but I haven't seen her play with a thing.

She's barely even taken time to put her whiskers in the window.

Although she IS kinda interested at what's going on outside her door...

(Yep, that's Max)

We've got time to get to know Dahlia before her kittens come. Vet estimates that we have a couple weeks to go. 

Maybe she'll sit still long enough to get a decent picture by then.

Welcome back to the Kitten-Go-Round. We'll have new ones for you soon.


  1. Oh, so excited! Dahlia looks like a sweetheart. Can't wait to see those babies!

  2. Welcome Back, I missed your blogs

  3. Yay for Dahlia and soon to be babies at Teeny Tiny Tabby Town!! Dahlia you have hit the jackpot and will be much loved and pampered. :) But inquiring minds want to know what a certain Chicken Butt thinks about this... ;)

  4. Delilah is gorgeous...and we hope all goes well with her delivery. Thanks for taking her in. :)

  5. Awww, poor baby girl. I'm so glad she ended up with you to have her first litter in safety and comfort. And of course that we get to see them!! Glad to have you back, even if it's only going to be temporary. We miss you terribly!


  6. you have to wonder if she looks out the window in the door and thinks "Hey - I know that cat" MOL

    Welcome are in great hands

  7. Glad you are back to help raise Dahlia's teeny tiny kitties :) Missed you.

  8. That first photo looks pretty decent if you ask me! not that I mind you taking 100 more and posting the ones you like the best at any point in time because she's so darn beautiful :)

  9. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back :)

  10. So pleased you're back and setting this beautiful, adorable mother-to-be and who knows how many kittens on the ideal path!