Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Funnies

Credit: I Can Haz Cheezburger

OK, this was our excuse earlier this week.  The kittens had an upper respiratory infection and weren't particularly interested in performing for the camera.  They just wanted their snacks and snuggles and then waited for me to leave the room to do something cute.  Their excuse on Thursday?  The rain.  It rained all day and all night.  It wore the kittens out before they even tried.

"If Eloise pretends she's sleeping the Lady will go away and stop clicking for a bit."

"So sleepy, Lady.  No time for photo ops.  Try again later."

"If that Lady clicks or makes kissy noises one more time, Porter's going to have to cut her."

"Ha ha ha ha!!!  Let the Lady figure out whether Henry is yawning or laughing at her futile attempts to take his picture!!!"


The Best of the Blur

I mentioned yesterday that my younger kids set up a fabulous Olympic hurdle event for the kittens.  They sat on the floor, each outstretched a leg, and tempted the kittens to leap over their "hurdles" with the feather wand.  All of my photos looked something like this:

I was tempted to delete this photo of Henry flying over my son's leg.  But then I decided it made him look extra-speedy... even Usain Bolt-type fast.

Porter jumped so high and so fast during our daily high-jump competition that his head seems to have disappeared.  He honestly would like that very thing to happen twice per day... at medication time.

I'm not entirely certain what I'm looking at here (beyond my son's legs and the back-end of Eloise).  All I know is that Porter or Ben got some speed going here... and their blur makes them look HUGE!

I also know that I will not be winning the gold medal for action photography.  ;-)


Your Olympic Moment

Today's Event: The 2 Meter High Dive

"Wow... that's an awfully long drop for such a teeny tiny tabby.  You go first, Henry."

"Only if the Lady promises to catch Henry... and that there's no water down there."


Friday Funnies

Credit: My dad for sending this in an e-mail.  I do not know its original source, but whoever it was is a) funny and b) owned by a cat.

Hmm.... Who does this remind me of?

I think I now know the accurate feline-to-human translation of what Simba said that day (and I'm not sure where he learned such language... my foul mouth usually chooses other spicy words)

More e-mail credit to Dad. 

I wonder how many boxes Simba had.

"Henry doesn't find that amusing.  No, not at all."

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. haha..... I got that card for my birthday. Made me laugh. :) And it is so true at my house. :)

  2. If you make the cat in the cartoon a grey tuxie it is my house.

  3. Nice pics Kelly-even the blurry ones. Looking forward to next week when we are all back on our regular schedules.