Wednesday, August 22, 2012


L.O.E.Z. (Get it?)  has apparently been watching too many music videos while hanging out in the family room.  She's given herself a kewl new moniker ala LL Cool J, Jay-Z, and (her personal favorite) M&M ;-)  You may now refer to Eloise as Her Royal Highness L.O.E.Z... which is pronounced exactly as it's spelled Eloisie.
Wheezy has been anxious to introduce you to her brothers... not her sweet brothers as I present them in the blog, but her monster brothers as she knows them (the brothers that make her look like the picture above).  Believe me, they're quaking in their paws waiting to find out what she has to say.  But I'm going to give them a stay of execution until tomorrow.  Today's post: All About Eloise
"Should I be worried?  What have those nasty boys told you about me?"


Kitten's Real Name: Eloise
Eloise was named for the protagonist in the children's book series by Kay Thompson.
Yes, the heck-raising little girl who lives in the Plaza Hotel.

Kitten's Approximate Date of Birth: May 2, 2012
(making Eloise approximately 16 weeks old)


Kitten's Nicknames: Bat Girl (the ears should make this self-explanatory)...
Ellie Belly, Wheezy, Ouiser (after the most awesomely excellent Ouiser Boudreaux)
Low Rider (Just look at how short she is in comparison to her brother!) and...
"Henry told you to call me that, didn't he?  He thinks that's so funny!  You know what I think is funny?  Him spitting out teeth... also, that HE'S the one who smells up the litter box!"


Unique Physical Characteristics: Have we already covered these ears?
"Move on from the ears, Lady.  Eloise has heard every ear joke on the planet.  Your jokes are lame.  And your clothes are lamer."
Gorgeous two-tone whiskers (black at the base, white as they fan out)...
Huge round eyes...
Teeny-tiny body... She is roughly half Henry's size and show's no signs of catching up any time soon.  Although she does eat like the proverbial horse...
"If that horse tries to take Eloisie's chicken baby food, she will cut him."


Kitten's personality traits:  Eloise is a snuggler of epic proportions.  If you sit still, she will sit with you... next to you, in your lap, on your shoulder, on your head, doesn't really matter.
She loves petting.  If you are slow to provide the pets, she will pet herself.
The Wheeze is exceptionally trusting and can be held on her back and cradled like a baby whenever you're in the mood.
She is the queen of sparkle balls, although she might feel benevolent enough to allow her brothers to play with one if she's in the right mood and if they acknowledge her sparkle ball superiority.
Ouiser loves to play, but she's just as happy to sit on the sidelines and cheer her brothers on to victory.  She is the most gentle and content kitten in the bunch.
You will generally find her dainty little self in a lap when the craziest of ruffian shenanigans are going on around her.
"Sheesh... Can't they just chill it already?"


Because of the combination of big ears, big round eyes, and teeny tiny features, our Eloise usually appears more serious or worried in photos than she really is.
Serious on the outside, ooey-gooey purring goodness on the inside (and if you're lucky, you'll get a gentle little kiss from her)
"You know you want an Eloise for your house.  A Wheezy is the perfect accessory for any room in the house.  So... You wanna adopt her or what?" 


  1. ugh - mom fell over from all the cute!!! she reminds us of our Whiskey..... she is gonna make some family VERY happy. :)

  2. Such the pretty petite princess! Yet capable of putting the smackdown on her brothers when needed. Yes, every house needs an Eloise! :)

  3. That little Miss is going to get herself adopted so fast it'll make your head spin! SO CUTE!

  4. Sorry, I got lost spelunking in those ears, can you send help??

    goodness she is a cutie! With those ears though I can't help but wonder if she is eventually going to sprout into a full sized kitty after puberty. I remember my Em going through a phase with ears almost that big.

  5. LOEZ-You are too beautiful to use that silly letter nickname thing, but if you insist then I will because I am sending the luv to you.

  6. Yup,her dainty self is delightful; but that pic of the crazy eyes is what makes me laugh every time! Her little love-bug self will be adopted super quick.

  7. She is just so adorable! It's a good thing I live too far away to adopt her.....