Friday, August 17, 2012

Manners.... We Don't Have Them

The kittens are demanding more time out and about the house with us.  Most evenings, we take them upstairs to our family room for television and kitten watching.  Last night Porter was completely engrossed in the Project Runway re-run that airs before the new episode.

"Hey, Eloise... Down in front!!!!!"

We're working hard on helping the kittens acquire the manners that their forever families would appreciate in their furry friends.  The kittens... well... it would appear that the kittens are working hard NOT to acquire those same manners.

Eloise got an idea during the commercials...

"Hey, girl... Whatcha eatin'?  Wanna share?"
We're also working on proper English ;-)

"Porter would be happy to share your chicken wrap with you.  That's how sharing works, right?  You give Porter what he wants and Porter takes it."

"Eloise will help wash the dishes!"

The teeniest-tiniest tabby is also the most insistent upon "sharing" your food with you.  You should see the drama she creates over an Oreo!  I'm actually quite amazed that these two are the ones who have the worst table manners.  The other two, the pushy pair, were nowhere to be found.

When he's done sharing your snack, Porter will be happy to steal your blanket for a nap.

And speaking of naps...

Ben believes that you should never nap alone.

"What?  It would be better manners for Ben to let Henry stay sleeping?  Hmm.... Henry appears to still be sleeping.  So Ben is actually not displaying bad manners, is he?"

"How rude!"

Manners... It's a work in progress.


We have had requests for a Norman update, which I would be happy to provide in pictorial form but he is a bit camera-shy this week.

"I see she's passing off her inability to take a timely picture as me being 'camera-shy'.... Don't believe everything this Lady tells you."

Norman is extra-fidgety this week (I swear!)  Every time I take out the camera, he moves to a new location.  I will work on an extra-special Norman day as soon as he decides to stay in one place for a moment or two.

The good news is that his fidgety-ness means that Norman is feeling a-okay.  He is loving the vet's recommendations to feed Norman as often as he requests, although he is not quite loving having to share snack time in the bathroom with Penny.  Don't get me wrong, they get along just fine.  It's just that we've been so busy that we sometimes forget that Norman and Penny are in the bathroom... and our quietest adults have been known to be stuck in there until someone needs to use that room again.  The snacks might be having their desired result.  He does feel a bit more solid tonight.

In the meantime, Norman has decided that the kittens are not worth the trauma of attempting foster room visits any longer.  It's great to visit when the end result is kitten kibble.... not so great when the end result is kitten kisses... or kitten karate chops.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  At some point over the next few days, Penny and Tommy will be leaving our little nest.  I'm not sure exactly when, since everyone who is coming to collect a cat will be traveling a good distance to do so.  But I will have updates and pictures on Monday.  I will also try to keep my camera at the ready for any Norman shots that might present themselves.  ;-)



  1. Manners, long as one can use the bathroom facilities as necessary by themselves, and realizes that computer cords are not for chewing, then one has succeeded imo.

  2. we have kittens that insist on "helping" mom eat dinner. she has been known to feed them, shut the door, and eat fast. :) we have learned to leave her alone.

    purrs to Norman.

    and safe travel to Penny & Tommy and their families

  3. Manners? We don't need no stinkin' manners... ;)

    Good luck with all the comings and goings this week-end! Safe journey Penny and Tommy!

  4. Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day! So I appreciate Norman even more than usual - and you for taking in an elderly, black, not-so-healthy kitty and keeping him healthy and happy.

  5. oh who needs manners when it means you get a cat butt in your face while you are eating..

    oh.. yea.. well..

    how about some manners then :)