Monday, August 6, 2012

Metro Monday (kind of...)

Between ringworm drama, weight-loss drama, teenager drama, and the drama called just-plain-life, I never made it very far from home last week.   Instead of a regular Metro Monday, I bring to you my childhood in commercial form....

I amaze myself (and irritate my children) with my ability to still recite this entire commercial for the Detroit Zoo word for word.

Can you get Faygo where you live?  A Detroit company that makes the best red pop ever (Yes, I said POP not soda... this is Michigan after all).  My kids think Faygo's a fabulous treat.

Vernors is a Detroit-made ginger ale that blows all other ginger ales away.  I had it shipped to me in locations throughout the world during our time out of Michigan.  But I include this commercial for the very end... a great display of how we Michiganders give directions in our home state.

Hopefully, my Michigan friends enjoyed the walk down memory lane today.  My oldest child gets her Level 1 driver's license this morning (pray for me).  I will have her drive me someplace interesting to get Metro Monday pictures for next week.


Weekend Update

(Part One)

Penny had a fabulous afternoon at Petco during the adoption hours on Saturday.  While her forever family was not in attendance and she came back home with me at the end of the day, she was relaxed, friendly, and purring throughout the day.  She "showed" well and I have high hopes that we will find her home soon.  

The kittens currently at Petco are battling a bit of an upper respiratory infection, so they're in quarantine for now.  Once they kick the infection and we get one or two more adopted, Penny and couple other adults will move in with them.  We're going to push hard to get our sweet, loving mama cats (**cough** yeah, right ** cough **) into their new homes as soon as possible.

(Part Two)

We are working on fattening up Norman, who has mysteriously lost two pounds in the past six months.  The good news is that he is loving the high-calorie extra snacks that he gets offered twice per day.  If you have any suggestions for a great "fatten him up" diet, I would love to hear about it.

(Part Three)

Progress continues on the ringworm front.  4 kittens, 9 active ringworm spots, none new in over a week.  I'm down to being able to count them on two hands!!!!  

My kittens were feeling a bit droopy this weekend with what appears to be an upper respiratory infection.  Ben is sneezing green snot.  Henry is wheezing again.  Eloise has a goopy eye. They're still sweet, friendly, and playful, but a bit run down.  I'm calling the vet's office as soon as they open this morning to get them in and get even more meds for them.  

I would seriously pay for a week where these guys don't worry me.  Of course, that will mean that it's time to send them off for adoption (and I'm not ready for that either)


Olympic Swimming

(Oh No!)

The kittens rather emphatically refused to enthusiastically participate in Friday's Olympic event.

"Eloise will eat your chicken baby food but not, not NOT go in the water again!  Bad Lady!!!"

"Ben is pretty disappointed with you, Lady."

"Ben really thought you were better than that.  Now Ben needs to re-evaluate our relationship."

"Henry is NOT amused."

"Open this door before further bloodshed is required."

"Not doing it, Lady.  Porter will wait right here until you re-think your swimming idea."

"Not looking at you either."
I love those super-strong splayed toes on his back foot.  He seriously stayed balanced on the rim of the tub for at least a few minutes while he stared me down.

"I'm out of here."

"This finger held Ben in water.  This finger will pay."

"This is not an official Olympic beverage.  But if you let us have a sip, we may overlook the transgression."

There are no medal winners here... merely survivors.


  1. There are some really nasty, medicine resistant URIs floating around right now, according to my vet. In fact, when Tabitha's kittens were born, he told me to stay away from pet stores and other kittens because the URIs are that contagious.

    Poor kitties need to go back to track and field (or boxing) and leave the swimming to the dog! :)

  2. Mom says she knows about the Faygo. Her grandmother used to add the strawberry to red koolaid. :)

    Mom didn't have computer privileges for a few days, so we are just catching up. We hope Norman is feeling better soon and have our paws crossed for good news. And yeah for olympic events - except that swimming thing. :)

  3. Wet kittens. So sad but So Dang cute! Not surprised to hear the swim meet was cancelled due to lack of willing participants.
    OH, Vernors. Over the rocks w/ a maraschino cherry on top. Our kids’ cocktail at every Sunday dinner w/ the grandparents. Funny how smells bring back such strong memories. I crack a can of Vernors now & wonderful memories of my Mamachris flood back. Thanks for Monday memory post.

  4. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  5. I just am astounded that you could even get pictures post bath - I would just have blurry photos lol.