Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Madness

Craziness reigns here in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town.  More news and photos than will fit into a comfortable blog post (or in a week worth of blog posts), so Metro Monday will be taking a rest this week.  

To begin with, we must make amends to our dear Henry.  So I give you... Henry-day (Henday?)

My Brother Henry

by Eloise, Queen of the Universe

Kitten's real name: Henry
"Please note that my brother Henry is definitely not as innocent as he appears in this picture.  In fact, I'm pretty sure he either bit, scratched, or pounced in the split second after this picture was taken."

Kitten's approximate date of birth: May 2, 2012
(Making Henry approximately 16 weeks old)

Kitten's Nicknames: Hank, Hankers, Hankie...
 and Sir Chomps-a-Lot
"Henry chomps on anything, anytime.  He chomps on camera straps, camera lens caps, toys, carpet, ears, legs, necks.  He tried to bite the wall last night.  Hide your valuables. Nothing is safe from Henry."

"Eloise loves Henry, really she does.  But Wheeze must not tell a lie... Henry is one-part kitten, one-part puppy, and one-very-large-part Tasmanian Devil."
"HEY!!! I resemble that remark!"
"This isn't something that Eloise likes to tell around the litter box, but Henry LIKES to play with dogs."
"He LOVES wrestlemania and tries to copy the wrestlers he sees on television whenever the Lady isn't looking."
"And... he eats the tails off toy mice.  Ewwww."
"And WEEKS later, Henry STILL acts as if he's NEVER seen a shoelace before."
"Hey, El... Henry is not sure he likes the direction your photo essay is taking."
"Whatcha gonna do, Henry?  Beat me up?  Or is this the point where I tell people that you're not really beating me up in this picture?  And that the Lady thinks it's about time you got tutored... whatever that is."
The Lady would like to interject here that the above photo is as far as the advances got.  Henry is easily distracted and Eloise's innocence was preserved.
"Okay, okay... Henry is a good brother.  He works hard until he gets the job done right.  In fact..."
"Henry escapes from our room so often that the Lady lets us out for a few hours at a time now.  Henry runs around the house like his tail is on fire.  He stopped once to look at the fish.  Eloise doesn't think the fish liked that very much.  He tried to talk to them, but they blew bubbles back at him."
  "When Henry gets sleepy, he likes the Lady to snuggle him like a baby.  He purrs and purrs.  He pats her cheek with his paw, combs her hair with his claws, and lulls her into a false sense of security.  Just when the Lady thinks Henry is falling asleep... CHOMP... he bites her nose.  She falls for it every.stinking.time.  Eloise is starting to think that she likes her nose to have a chewed-on look.  Different strokes, I guess."
"Hmm... Eloise does not remember this picture being taken of Henry."
That would be because this is Tika, the whirling dervish wild child currently in residence at Petco.  Tika came out of the same house as my four.  She looks just like Henry, acts just like Henry (right down to the face patting, hair combing, and nose biting).  There is a resemblance, yes?
"Henry thinks one sister is MORE than enough!"
"Henry would like to tell his OWN story next time.  There's LOTS he could tell you about prissy little sisters."


The Washington clan found themselves on the wrong side of their door.  Eloise had an issue with that...
Umm.... Teeny Tiny Eloise doesn't look so teeny tiny any more.  Keep in mind that she's barely three pounds and extrapolate to what the Adams kittens might weigh.
(I would love to rotate this photo for you and did on my own computer, but every time I put it on the blog it looks sideways.  Just tilt your head and enjoy.)
There are five Adams kittens in residence.
Pictured: 4 Adams kittens and their stuffed puppy
We'll reveal the names one per day this week, taking the kittens in alphabetical order.
Meet Bentley... squeeeeeee!
Bentley is a very friendly tuxie gentleman.  One of three boys in the bunch.
Gotta say it again... squeeeeee

The Adams kittens are part of the litter of 13 that I told you about last week.  Mama has had enough and so has their foster mama.  The kittens went into crisis over the weekend and our original 13 is now 12.  They've been split up into 3 foster homes... 5 here, 5 there, 2 in the the last.  Our Adams kittens are wheezy, sneezy, and goopy, but they're in pretty decent shape.  We're doing antibiotics, eye drops, and breathing treatments with the nebulizer three times a day.  But they're eating on their own, using the litter box, and seem pretty happy to be here.

Our babies are roughly five weeks old and t.i.n.y.  I didn't get to name this bunch, but I do admit to liking the names they have (and if I didn't, you might know this set by a WHOLE different group of names than the rest of the world).  They were rescued from the shelter during the week of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise, where thousands of people gather on Woodward Avenue to cruise around and gawk at classic cars.  We've got a car theme going here, but first names that not only work with Adams but appeal to my sense of giving real names (well, mostly...)  Ironically, the North Gratiot Cruise (same thing, different road... Motown residents are serious about cars) was going on outside the Petco when I went to pick them up on Sunday.  

THIS might make it a tad bit easier to let the Washingtons go when it's time... but only a little.

Oh, and Penny spent one last night with us on Sunday.  Her new mama is coming to pick her up on Monday.  

She's really got to learn how to relax a bit.


  1. OH, Bentley, you are a little dreamboat. Those are some FABULOUS whiskers!!!

    Godspeed to Penny, and you're right - I sure wish she could learn to relax. Some cats are just naturally stressballs, I guess. :)

    1. She's singing her song on the way north with her new parents right now. Should be home by dinnertime. Funny that my house should feel empty with two litters of kittens here (They are all shut away for the moment while the adults get some quiet time)

  2. Congrats on the new little ones Kelly-they are cuties! Thank Eloise for that marvelous report on Henry.

    1. Ellie's got the goods on Porter too... coming up later this week.

  3. That Henry appears to be trouble. Good thing you live far enough away or I could see him and Doc making plans. :) The tiny ones are adorable - it does make it easier to let a group go when there is another behind it.

    1. Henry's nothing compared to the new little devil who moved in this afternoon. He's a short-termer (should be gone by the end of the week), but he needed a little bit of socialization and love so here he is.

  4. Safe travels Penny! I hope your new family gives us some updates!

    Oh, sad that they lost one of the kittens this week-end, but with a litter of 13, the odds were there... Here's hoping the Adams are healthy, bouncing babies in no time now that they are with you! And I love a tuxie, black or gray!

    1. Her new mama is our foster director's sister. I shouldn't have trouble getting news from time to time.

      Yeah, it's not looking to good for #12 either. My five are pretty much out of the woods, though. Just got to keep them eating and getting stronger. And I've got a black tuxie and a grey tuxie for you to love right now!

  5. fosters are like potato chips aren't they?

    1. Must be, considering I took Penny to the store to hand her over to her new parents and came home with another kitten. He's a VERY short-timer, but having trouble adjusting at Petco (creating havoc and making himself and everyone else in there miserable). We're hoping he adjusts socially with the Washingtons so going to the store with them later this week won't be so traumatic. Either that or he's going to have to stay permanently. ;-/

  6. I have a feeling your blog could be dangerous for me. If I fall in love with a kitten on Robyn's blog, it is destined to go unrequited because Alabama is just too far away. But if I fall in love with a kitten on your blog... I can be on your doorstep in less than two hours! :-)

    1. I can gift wrap the kitten of your choice. It's the perfect accessory for back to school.