Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

The weather in Michigan has cooler to normal summertime temps... mid 80s during the day, 60s overnight.  Craving fresh air, I turned off the air conditioning and opened the windows.  The kittens were less than pleased.

"HEY!!!!! What happened to the belly breeze??!?!?"

"Seriously, Lady... sometimes Porter thinks you LIKE to make us suffer."

"Sigh.... Ben will just wait here forlornly until the breeze returns..."

"So very, very sad without the breeze...."

"Oh catnip froggy... Ben loves you so.  You're the only one who truly understands..."


Olympic Re-Organization

The kittens are growing bored with traditional Olympic events.  Ben started to brainstorm new and exciting ways to "Go for the Gold".  

((Actually, if you asked Ben, he would stick with the old ways.  He's addicted to the high jump and requests that we repeat the competition as often as possible))

Porter heard about the synchronized swimming and diving events and sought for a way to perform them without the water.  The kitten with a foot fetish suggests an event that synchronizes toes instead.

"And tap and flex and back and...."

"It is TOO an athletic event!  You pipe down out there in the peanut gallery anyway.  Can't you see Porter is trying to concentrate?"

"Eloise just doesn't get his fascination with feets.  Maybe it's the pretty color.  Can we paint my nails too, Lady?"

Henry toyed with the idea of Mousing as an Olympic sport.

He excelled in the tail swinging event,

and dominated in the keep away division.

"Mine, all mine!"


"Good thing the Lady had extras."

Um... Henry???  What happened here??

We humored them and awarded an honorary gold medal in Mousing to Henry and an additional one to Porter in the questionable sport of Toe Touching.  I figure we might as well make them happy since diving is on the schedule for Wednesday.  Oy.


I'll let you imagine for yourself what happened when Ben noticed the tail hanging over the edge.


  1. Oh, those mice NEVER have their tails for long in our house! For a while I took to cutting them off as soon as we got a new pack because it freaked me out when I stepped on the disembodied tails in the dark. They were harmless, of course, but you just never know what kind of presents the cats will leave for you... Anyway, I store them in a container full of catnip so that they are extra-special!

    In other news, I wish we had 60 degree nights here in Brooklyn. It would make my life so much better (we don't have AC and rely on the nights to cool our apartment down)!

    1. I completely sympathize. Our last house had no AC (and this summer is so much hotter than usual!) Hope it cools down for you soon.

      Interesting that your cats leave you the tail. I still haven't found the one that Henry detached. Hoping it's in a corner somewhere instead of the litter box ;-)

  2. we gots lots of tailless mouses here too. we are hopin' for some open windows over the weekend. :) though it is fun to watch everyone get forlorn over no cold air through the floor vents.

    1. I turned the air back on this morning. Ben parked himself on top of the vent for a full hour (and during every nap today). He's a northern kitten to be sure... prefers it cold ;-)

  3. My current fosters believe in de-tailing mice too :)

    I think they like feet because there are a lot of scent glands down there and no pokey fingers to pick them up with so they smell like you and are 'safe' if you will.

    1. Porter, especially, is shy about hands. He's never quite sure if I'm going to medicate him, bathe him, feed him, or love him when those hands come around. He climbs right into my lap when I sit down, but panics if I try to pick him up. We're working on trust right now.

  4. Belly Breezes! hehehe. Got two chubbies over here that have to settle for cool floor tiles. I'll see your 80 degrees & raise it to 106 here in central CA. BLah! OMgosh, take me to Lake MI asap!
    Great pics of lounging kitties today, thks

    1. Oh dear gracious... you can keep your 106, thank you very much. Once it tops 85, I start to melt. As a true Michigan girl, I thrive when the temp is somewhere between 40 and 75.

  5. Did you be chance get a video of what happened with the tail discovery?

    1. Oh how I wish that I had. Maybe he'll give me a chance to catch it again on another day. The look of surprise on his face after the pounce, the crash, and discovering that the tail was no longer there was absolutely priceless.

  6. My Allie is 2 years old and still sometimes chases her own tail. Sometimes, I think she knows it's hers, but other times, I think it takes her by surprise. And she too has fallen off the kitty condo trying to grab it. She looks so hurt when I laugh out loud!

    The pictures of Porter loving on your toes are really cute!

  7. Kelly-Wonderful news and updates on the kitties. I am on vacation so that is why my comments have not appeared in the last few days. Thank goodness I was able to get on tonite so I don't get too far behind! We walked around the safari park yesterday in about 95 degree weather and I was COMPLETELY melting. I hope I lost a few pounds in the process, but when I return home I hope it is not too long before fall temps of 75 or so set in. This summer has been annoyingly hot. Maybe next year I should try MI.