Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Stooges Take the Stairs (and the rest of the house, too)

During daylight hours, the four Washington kittens spend more time outside of their room than inside.  They are having a high old time cavorting throughout the house.  Ben and Henry wrestle in the blinds that cover the back patio door.  Porter runs throughout the hallway at break neck speed. Eloise has discovered a new way to travel down the stairs.
Please notice that Eloise is walking on the wrong side of the banister spindles.

All of the kittens prefer to take a short-cut down stairs, traveling through the spindles to a chair that sits beside it.  I could live with that.  The Wheeze turns the trip into something more of an adventure (see above).  When she takes it slowly, everything turns out fine.  There are times, however, when a Wheeze traveling at high speed... well, lets just say that she gets to the floor quicker.
You can just imagine the amount of stress that the upstairs railing provides for me on a daily basis.

Below that upstairs railing, along the wall, is the aquarium.  A couple feet in front of the fish tank is the sofa where I often sit to watch the kitten gymnastic displays.  Frequently, a kitten who is upstairs will peek out through the spindles to talk to me and I have to sternly remind them to put their face back on the other side.  Monday afternoon, while performing the most professional level tumbling move possible, Porter got too close... went through the spindles... bounced off the cover to the aquarium... landed on the floor... hopped up and sprinted back upstairs like he meant to do it.

When my heart started beating again, I ran after him and checked him from ear to tail (over and over and over).  Not a single shred of evidence that anything happened to him.  All of this just further supports my hypothesis that kitten heads are filled with marshmallow fluff and kitten bodies are made out of the same material as superballs.  Amazing.


I am so impressed with the kittens' incredible ability to adjust to their new surroundings.  Their interactions with my animals have been polite and respectful.  The not-so-teeny-tinies' reacitons?  Nothing short of astounding.  Simba would prefer not to have kittens running amok.  He could live a happy life never seeing a single one of them.  When approached by a kitten, he hisses softly and heads for higher ground.  And then he watches their nonsense as if it's the most fascinating reality program ever (disapprovingly, of course).  Norm watches them run in circles, and then settles down for a nap on the floor.  Charlie....
Charlie checked behind Henry's ears to make sure they were properly cleaned.
After checking that the kitten pits were up to snuff, Charlie indulged his charge in a bit of belly tickling.
And then he let Henry play "dentist" while Charlie played "patient".
Charlie wants you all to know that kitten-sitting is hard work.  He also wants a raise.


The New Guy

The new guy is an exceptionally short-termer in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town.  When I went to Petco Monday afternoon to deliver Penny to her new Mom and Dad (obvious animal lovers who will spoil her rotten and love her forever... yay!), there was a major ruckus going on in the rescue cages.  Our display is actually a wall of interwoven cubbies.  Cats and kittens can freely move from one side to the other, giving them lots of room to roam and space to be on their own while they are there.  Someone (ahem) was ridiculously unhappy to be there and decided to take it out on every other feline on the premises.
Meet "Bubby" (more on what I'll actually be calling him later)

Bubby was a bottle baby who adored his foster mama.  His brothers and sisters have all been adopted, leaving baby Bub behind.  He's under so much stress at Petco that he turns into a bit of a hell-cat.  Jackson Galaxy might have a case here.  Part Tasmanian Devil (for real this time, Henry deserves an apology for being lumped together with these two), part real devil, part scared kitten, he stalked and attacked the other kittens and screamed loudly while doing it.  This is his second or third round there.  He's been this way every time.  He was adopted on trial last week and returned on Sunday.  I couldn't leave him there.  Without being asked, I packed him up and brought him home.

The original plan was to bring him back when my kittens move to Petco later this week... which might still happen, but I'm leaning towards hanging on to him for a bit longer.  Perhaps the stress is too much for him.  Perhaps he just needs a place to hang while we market him on Petfinder and adoption weekends while having a home to come back to.  I don't know, but I know I don't want him to experience that again.  Halfway home, he fell asleep in the car.  Coming out of the carrier, he started to purr.  He's a snuggler who loves people.  He's not so sure about the animals.

Meeting Charlie produced the Stranger Danger Floof Suit (TM--Robyn Anderson).  By the time we went to bed Monday night, he had put it away entirely... but he's still keeping an eye on that shifty dog.

He's a bit hissy and growly around the other kittens, but improved as the night went on.  He can now be in the same room without going into hysterics.  One step at a time is all I ask of him.  

Oh, and his name?  I just can't stand referring to him as "Bubby" and prefer to call him something else during his stay.  While hanging out on the sofa with the new guy and watching General Hospital (don't judge), it struck me how much he reminds me of the current villain of the story.  Jerry Jacks is back in town... completely gorgeous man and a total bad guy who's getting ready to wreak havoc on Port Charles.  My kids have an Uncle Jerry, so Jerry won't do.  The actor's name is Sebastian Roche.  We'll be calling the new guy Sebastian while he's here.  Baz for short.  It fits him.


And Another New Guy

Continuing with our car naming theme (see yesterday for an explanation and an introduction to his brother), our tabby boy is named after a Chevrolet... the Cruze.  We decided to alter the spelling just a bit, so say hello to our new baby Cruz.
Cruz is an ultra-cute, ultra-friendly baby.  He was the first one of the Adams kittens to purr for me.
He's not shy about telling me what he thinks he needs either.
This teeny tiny tabby is all kinds of gorgeous and I'm ever so glad he's here.


  1. Poor Baz, being so stressed out at Petco. And good job taking him in with you. I hope everything turns out fine for him.

    I wonder if there's going to be at least one tabby in every litter in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town... ;)

    1. That might be part of the by-laws here... at least until we get a litter without one. ;-)

  2. Psst Kelly-Eloise says to tell you that she's taking the cat lane. It's kinda like the bike lane on roads only for cats on stairs. That way she neither runs into nor gets run over by the other travelers using the stairway.
    And Cruz is my new favorite (I'd knew there'd be one) :)

    1. Life in the cat lane. Surely make me lose my mind. ;-)

      You might want to wait and meet the other three before declaring favorites. My younger daughter has a new favorite every time she enters that room.

  3. Poor Baz....it can be stressful to go through all that change.

    Had to laugh about the stair adventures. We have had several here (including Mo falling off the back of the sofa and down the stairs). It is amazing how well they bounce back. :)

    And Cruz is adorable - reminds me of Whiskey & Bourbon.

    1. It's a vicious circle. He's so upset about being at Petco that no one adopts him. If they only knew that once they got him out, they were getting love in the form of fluff. (And those eyes kill me... he looks just like those stuffed animals with the oversized eyes. Everything is just so SHOCKING!)

      Bounce back... HA! I think Porter bounced three feet off the floor. ;-)

  4. I LOVE that picture of Eloise traveling down the stairs!

    They love to give us heart attacks, don't they?

    And I bet Baz is going to turn out to be a total sweetheart. He just doesn't understand what's going on!

    1. Baz is already doing SO much better. He only employed the floof suit 4 times today instead of 6 billion. The kids are already lobbying to keep him (imagine that).

      There's something about his reaction to Petco that tears me up. I've always said that I got into fostering to save the animals like my dear departed Einstein, who would have never survived a shelter situation with her drama and noise. She was a beautiful angel at home, and a nasty little bee-yotch once she left the house. I plucked him out for her.

  5. I am loving me some Charlie! He is just so sweet with the babies!!

    And poor Baz - he's not a bad boy, he's just had too much change in his little life. And I'm glad you are sticking with a "B" name, so it will sound familiar to him. (Bubby to me sounds too much like "bubbe" - and a little Jewish grandmother this boy is not!) ;)

    1. I'm seriously thinking of adding a recommendation to Henry's Petfinder ad that his forever family adopt a Labrador Retriever too. Henry seeks out Charlie as soon as he leaves the room... and Charlie gets so excited to see him.

      I thought the same thing about the name Bubby. This guy needed a bit of bad to go into his name.

  6. We have a set of stairs that goes down to the basement. We have panicked every time we have added a kitty to the house that they will make some sort of mistake like that and fall to the tiled floor..

    My vet once said kitten bones are like rubber bands.

    Congrats on the new kittens. I'm sure you'll get Baz straightened out right quick.

    1. I'm still shaking at the memory of the white streak which was Porter falling out of the sky. Good thing he's made of rubber and marshmallows.

  7. Thanks for rescuing Baz and putting him in a position to realize that other pets are a good thing -- and fingers crossed that someone will see him on Petfinder and be able to see how well he's doing at your place. May I join Charlie's burgeoning fan club? What a guy!

    1. Charlie would love to have you in the club. He'll even throw in a few free kisses as part of your membership.

      I am absolutely amazed at how gentle he is with these kittens... and what a goofball he is when they're around. He's becoming a bit of a pest when they're locked up. Begging for them to be let out to play.

  8. Charlie just melts my heart. I just love seeing a big dog being so sweet with kittens.

    I think the Fearsome Foursome are just trying to make sure you don't put all of your anxiety on to the new bunch, lol.

    Baz is just a cutie - looks just like my Bailey as a kitten. It would be good if he could get a home from petfinder to stay with you in the meantime. A little bit of socialization goes a long way.