Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday at the Movies

The kittens spent the weekend romping in the family room.  They clearly express their desire to leave the foster room (
and Part Deux
Porter is quite the demanding diva... isn't he?  ;-)
Eventually they settled down (turn up your volume to hear some fantastical purring and trust me when I tell you that the shaky camera work had a definite cause...)
Look out below! Ben decided to quit his job as assistant cameraman and join the cast instead.


Making Friends?

Someone (**cough**Penelope**cough**) snuck in to join the midgets for snacktime.
"Who invited HER?"
"She's SO bee-yoo-ti-ful!!!! Benny LOVES her...."
"Oooh... she's getting closer.  Perhaps Benny should try batting his eyelashes at the pretty lady..."
"Is Benny being too obvious in his affection?  Should he look away??"
"Can' Benny has never, ever seen such a stunning lady before."
"HEY!!! I'M A LADY!!!"
"Geez, Benny... Don't be such a fraidy-cat.  Henry will show you how to woo a lady."
"Hey, pretty lady.  What's shakin'?"
"Besides your fine boo-tay, that is..."
"There was NO call to HIT Henry!  Not at all!  Perhaps Henry does not wish to know the Lady after all..."



They're all still here... for now.  Tommy's family comes later today to take him home.  I wish I could say I'm sorry to see him go, but it's best for all of us.  He had a stellar ten-and-a-half months... and then Penny came out of the foster room.  Poor Tommy hasn't been the same since.  He's anxious, which turns into aggression, fighting, destruction, and peeing.  He misses his family.  They miss him.  He misses his outside travels at home.  I miss my home without drama and spraying.  It's time to say goodbye.  

I will miss his sweetness, purring, and drooling... but we all knew he had to go eventually.

Penny's departure has been delayed by a week.  She's here until next weekend, when her family will finally be able to visit.  Hey, it wouldn't be Penelope unless there was an extra twist... right?  I'm happy to have her well-behaved self stay for a few more days.  It was really cold over the weekend and she was the only cat to have the decency to keep my feet warm!

"Okay... I'll wait just a little while longer.  But if those kittens try to touch me again, I'm going fishing.... and you can't stop me!!"

I'm under instructions to make a vet appointment for the fearsome foursome.  If the vet clears the kittens and signs their health certificates, the first two will make the trek to Petco pretty quickly.  Adoptions have picked up and they are running out of kittens!

We, however, are not running out of kittens.  There are already rumbles about the next residents of Teeny Tiny Tabby Town.  Something about a young mama (less than a year old... poor thing) with 13 (THIRTEEN!!!!!) kittens in a litter.  They are roughly 3-4 weeks old at the moment.  By the time my four head to Petco and I get a chance to disinfect, they should be old enough to split up among a couple (few, maybe) foster homes.  I got to bottle-feed a couple of them on Sunday (squee!)


Psst.... I haven't forgotten about Metro Monday.  It's just an awful lot to pack into a single blog post today.  I'm thinking about spreading Metro Monday out throughout the rest of the week.  Please stay tuned.


  1. Sweet little smitten Benny! And Henry! You deserved that smack for being fresh! :)

    Poor Tommy...I'm glad his family is getting him today. I hope the reunion goes well!

    And 13 kittens?? Poor little mama...I'm assuming she had multiple "suitors" to achieve that number. At least that will be her only litter.

    1. The entire room has been waiting for someone to put Henry in his place ;-)

      Mama was relieved to hear she never has to do this again. Poor thing is overwhelmed. We're helping with supplementing and bottle feeding. The kittens are starting to notice other food sources, too.

  2. The convo between the boys and Penny is funny. I'll bet Penny can't wait to get back to her "real" home. And poor Eloise-tell her boys aren't a big deal anyway, she's better off without them :)

    and 13 babies?! I hope they all get well taken cared of. Can't wait to see some of them.

    1. Mama and babies are being well cared for, but at the moment they're a mess of upper respiratory sneezing and wheezing. We'll probably split the litter in another couple weeks among a few different foster homes... sooner if Mama gets overwhelmed.

      Eloise could tell you a thing or two about exactly how "unspecial" boys are (especially brothers!)

  3. I have no idea what else I was going to say as I was utterly distracted by 13 kittens!!!! yikes.....

    As hard as it is to let kittens go, it is time for them to move on to their own families. :) Love Penny beating on her "suitors".

    1. Penny doesn't put up with funny business from anyone, let along the munchkins in the foster room.

      I will be sad to drop the kiddos off at Petco, but the only alternative is keeping them. If I keep them, I can't take the next ones (and yikes, there are 13 of them... not taking them all, though)

  4. One mom had 13 kits?? please tell me they added on to her and she didn't give birth to that many naturally?? oh that poor kitty (either way actually)

    Love the Making Friends montage.. Just too cute!

    1. All her own natural babies. Two of them sat in the palm of my hand. From what I hear, Mama isn't too happy about her predicament (but then again, she has an upper respiratory infection, isn't feeling well, and has 13 kids trying to nurse on her... she's entitled).

  5. I've thought about getting a fish tank for my crew but now, maybe not. I didn't consider the possibility of fishing. 13? Oh my!
    I always enjoy MI sights&sounds, so I'll look forward to Metro Mondays any day of the week.

    1. If it helps any, we've only had one "fishing" expedition in nearly ten years of aquarium keeping. The fish in question survived. Just make sure you have a sturdy tank and a strong cover. Simba used to sit on top of the lamp to keep warm in the winter.

      I'll have a few MI photos tomorrow. :-)