Friday, December 21, 2012

Is It Christmas YET???? How Many Days Until Christmas????

We're getting closer to that time of year when excited children ask the universal question.... "It is Christmas YET??? How many days until Christmas????"  Conversely, mothers who have been procrastinating through the holiday season ask... "HOW MANY days until Christmas??? How can it be Christmas ALREADY???"

Today is my crazy holiday known as "See How Many Gifts Can Get Wrapped While The Kids Are At School".  Catchy, isn't it?  I always know it's here when the annual "I Can't Possibly Find Another Thing to Wear to ANOTHER Freakin' Christmas Concert or School Party" is finally over. You might think I'm a little stressed. Truth is... I'm not. I'm just really tired and ready to sit for a day with paper and bows.

I'm in the homestretch. Shopping, school baking, and cards are done. Well, almost done. Have you requested your special edition 2012 Teeny Tiny Tabby Town holiday card? All you have to do is send your snail mail address.  I'll run it out to the mailbox in my very best sock monkey pajamas to get it on it's way.


A few guest stars stopped by to help with today's photos.
Let's see if you recognize them...

"This tree is made of a most unusual substance."
 "It doesn't smell natural at all."
 "Nope... Doesn't taste natural either."
 "Gosh, I hope Florence's forever family has a REAL tree."


 "Hmmmm.... Nope, doesn't feel real!"
 "Does the Lady think a purple tinsel tree will fool Lionel?
Lionel is ever so worried that his real family will not have a real tree.
Will Santa still fill a stocking left by a purple tinsel tree?"


 "Hey, Henry... Will you look at what the Lady brought upstairs?"
"It's awfully small, Tika..."
"If we keep staring under the tree perhaps teeny tiny presents will magically appear..."


"Sorry, Guys. It just doesn't work that way.
But if you're REALLY good, Abby Claus might leave you a special something."


"Uh Oh..."
"Roxie either..."
"Roxie was just checking to make sure the paper was secure....

"Yeah... sure she was.  How many more days until Christmas??"


Comet's new mama arrives this evening to take home her little ball of fluff.  He's been banging on the door every few minutes and asking if she's here yet, or if it's breakfast time yet, or if I can come in and give kisses... one or the other.

Vixen, Cruz, and Lincoln return to adoption hours this weekend. I love them very much, but I'm hoping to worry about a lonely little Peeps on Monday while he waits to go home on Christmas Eve.

I'll be back on Monday with all the (hopefully) exciting details.  In the meantime... I think I'm out of tape again.


  1. makes wrapping so much easier!!

    and I think knowing you mailed the card in sock money PJs will make it all that much more special :)

    1. Well then you shall be pleased to know that's exactly what I wore this morning when I dropped your card off at the post office... right after dropping two kids off at the junior high and right before stopping at Starbucks for my caffeine shot. ((OF COURSE, I wore a long coat and hat!))

  2. Aww, I love the pictures today. ((hugs )) to everyone for a very Merry Christmas!