Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So, So Busy

 "WHY, Lady? Why do you not come and snuggle Lincoln on demand?"
"It makes Lincoln so sad. Perhaps he will escape from the room another 152 times to make you pick him up each and every stinking time."

And he did.
And I did.
And then I kissed him 152 times.


The foster room is rocking and rolling. Between the mixing of two litters and the addition of wild brother Cruz, there is never a dull moment in the front room.  The big boys are clearly putting together audition tapes for major league wrestling. There may or may not have been discussions about capes and "taking a dive". But I'm no snitch.

Vixen still isn't too sure that she likes all of the testosterone in her room (Do male kittens have testosterone?  Oh well, I'm going with it.) She spends the majority of her day telling the boys to knock it off and stop jumping on her. But even Vixen seems to have found a use for one of the boys...  Peeps has a girlfriend.  ;-)

He is the only Quincy-Adams boy who merits such attention.  Work it, Peeps.


Don't look now, but our little floofmeister might already have his forever home. Thankfully, this will not turn out to a "blink and you'll miss him" fostering situation. If everything happens as I expect, this little boy will be making his move shortly before Christmas.

Thank goodness... I was really starting to wonder who might keep Peeps company until Christmas Eve.  


Our boy Squeaky needs a forever home. It's getting lonely at the Petco Cat Condos. All of his friends are getting homes in time for Christmas. This gorgeous boy deserves one too.

His new family may want to block off all access points to the roof, however. ((We're looking into one of those t-shirts that say "Dear Santa... I can explain" for dear Squeeks in case the jolly old elf gets a glimpse of this photo))


Crazy busy week ahead. If I should happen to disappear for a day or so, please don't spend your day waiting at the door for your chance to escape. I'll be back. Besides, I don't know if I have the time to catch each and every one of you 152 times. 


  1. Little Vixen is so cute! Good think I don't live in Michigan.

  2. Kelly-I can assure you that you wont have to watch for me at the door 152 times. I don't have the time for that! I myself will be getting Oreo out of the tree 152 times (yes she has now discovered how to get IN the tree and I have discovered the spray bottle). I also have craziness with getting the house cleaned up for the holidays and of course there are school functions to attend. Lincoln is a sweetheart though.

  3. yep - escape is always a good idea......paws crossed for Squeaky