Monday, December 10, 2012

They'll Be Home For Christmas

What a fabulous weekend for adoptions at the Futures 4 Felines cat rescue!!! The following kittens left us for their forever homes...

(at his very first adoption weekend... he was adopted within minutes!)
(whose forever family has been waiting for WEEKS for him to be old enough)
(whose forever family recently lost their senior orange kitty... thank you to our vet for sending them our way!)
(who said goodbye on Sunday morning as expected... 
He has a fabulous new mom and three kitty brothers!)

And also going home....
(drumroll please)


After being with our rescue for over five months, Tika was our very first adoption on Saturday. Her new family arrived shortly before adoption hours began and asked to see the kittens. After showing them the younger set, Tika's new dad said "Well, we were really thinking about someone a bit older..." I practically sprinted as I led them to the room behind the cat condos to introduce them to the full-time residents. Our girl Tika turned on the the charm and had her new home won before any of the midgets above.

Tika has a fabulous new home with a mom, dad, and human brother. When we warned them about her habit of flooding the area around her water dish, they laughed and told us that their former kitty did the exact.same.thing. They're a match made in heaven.

I will admit that my eyes were misty as I loaded our girl in her carrier.  

And on Sunday...


Mother Jefferson's new family arrived late Sunday afternoon to pick up supplies for their cat and dog at home when our adoption hours caught their attention. They had recently lost a senior tortie and hadn't planned to replace her this weekend, but after seeing our Mama the wheels started spinning.

Mama turned on the charm... purring and rubbing on her new dad's legs. Her new mom brought their yellow lab to meet Mama, and all heck broke loose. A crazy excited dog got into Mama's face too quickly and she drew blood, slicing the poor puppy's ear. Dog blood spurted everywhere. Can you believe they took her home anyway?

Once Abby the dog was patched up and the nervous energy calmed down, Mama sat and purred while Abby sniffed her gently. Mama will be joining Abby and another cat in her new home. She even has a space to escape over-enthusiastic dogs. There's a cat door in the door to the basement... and the kitties rule that particular level of the house (and every other level of the house too, I'd wager).

Happy life, sweet Mama. You've certainly earned it.

And not to be outdone...


"Where ARE they?"

Our boy Henry has been waiting patiently for five long months for his forever family. On Sunday, they finally arrived.

"Well, it's about time!"

Our handsome Henry went home with a pair of college students. He will live full time with their parents, where he will be well-loved and exceptionally well-cared for. And some of the best news... Henry has a black lab to call his very own.

His best friend Charlie is thrilled.
And so am I.

When I held him for the last time and told him that I needed to say goodbye, Henry put his paws on my shoulders and licked my lips.  He always was an excellent kisser ;-)

Goodbye my sweet boy.  I will always love you madly.

Someone who did not get adopted?


And On The Home Front...

Cruzie's Home!!!

 Try not to look so excited about it, Cruz.
 "Okay, how's this?"
"Can Cruzie go back to sleep now?"

Cruz is home with brothers Peeps and Lincoln. We're having a royal wrestling rumble in the foster room at the moment.

"These big boys are crazy!  Can Comet play too?"

Comet and Vixen moved into the front foster room on Sunday. Comet wanted to play, but his short self ended up on the wrong end of most of the big guys's wrestling moves.

Vixen would just rather that those ruffians went back to where they came from.  
Oh wait... that's where SHE lives now.

"Maybe living in a bathroom isn't all that bad after all..."

And when the wrestling is done... a brother cuddle puddle is the perfect way to recharge.

Vixen and Comet eventually joined in, too.


The girls are enjoying the Christmas tree.

We hear that someone else we know is enjoying his Christmas tree, too.

Can you find Clay in the Christmas tree?

Amy, mom of Casper (aka Clay), sent us the picture above along with this report... "The very mischievous Casper wanted to be one of our tree ornaments. After falling from about 6 ft up, balling up my tree skirt and breaking several ornaments, I decided to line the bottom of the tree with tin foil. Day 4, so far, so good!  :)"

I wonder if Casper knows about Santa's naughty list...


FYI... We've had a slight name change in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town.  I mentioned that Comet, with his wild hair and permanent expression of surprise reminded me of Seinfeld's Kramer.

Once you see it, it cannot be unseen.  After some discussion and realization at Kramer's first name was Cosmo, we decided that Cosmo Kramer should be followed by Comet Kramer.


And if all that wasn't enough, we have a new Pet of the Week.  Please check him out and share, share, share.


  1. Oh, Comet just cracks me UP.

    Good for Mother Jefferson, letting that dog know who the boss is from the very beginning. :)

    And I spotted Clay immediately. He makes a fantastic ornament. :)

    1. Comet is a natural comedian. He just doesn't know it.

      I could have done without the stress of dog bloodshed, but I'm very glad Mama is setting the ground rules early.

      Counting my lucky stars that his sister hasn't picked up the thrill of tree climbing. =^_^=

  2. What a fantastic weekend. And how wonderful that Mama Jefferson was adopted - despite beating up the dog. :) We got a couple of older kitts here that we hope find their homes soon as well.

    1. Every adoption is exciting, but when the older ones go it's even more special. I fight to hold back tears every time.

      The rescue has three older ones left to find homes before Christmas (along with the kittens... and we're sure they're going very soon). Wouldn't it be something if we were out of kitties for the holiday?

  3. Yay for Henry, though I know that one tugged on your heart as much as you went through with him...

    I think Clay makes a perfect tree topper!

    1. I really thought that *I* would be the one bringing Henry home for Christmas. I had already told my husband that I couldn't leave him there to linger. The brat whined "Mama" at me every time I walked into the store. He would have had a home for Christmas regardless, but my alpha Simba is happy that it's somewhere else.

  4. I'm so happy for Henry and Mother Jefferson, who I'm guessing will be getting a new name... I'm sure they'll both keep their new doggies in line!

    1. Mama's official name on the adoption paperwork is Patches. I didn't want to go through the hassle of explaining "Mother Jefferson" every time someone wanted to meet her. ;-)

  5. First time commenting here, Kelly, but I've been reading from the very first day your blog went up. I have to say, I am so impressed with the way you have taken to fostering. If I had to do all the cleaning and laundering that you've had to do--not to mention all the medicating--I'd have given up in the first week!

    But wow, what an amazing weekend. I was breathless by the time I got to the end of your report. What a great Christmas present for you and all the kitties. I'm sure it was bittersweet saying goodbye, especially to the older kitties that have been a part of your life for months. But what a wonderful moment too, to be sending them off to their new and loving families. Well done!

    1. Thank you so much, Charlene. Your words really do mean a lot to me. You have no idea how many times I threatened to quit or thought I wasn't doing enough for them.

      It's not easy, but it's definitely rewarding when these babies head off to their forever homes.

  6. Comet is funny, but Clay takes the cake :)

    Congratulations for all the adoptions, how wonderful that they are all home for the holidays.

    1. I'm certainly glad that there are no kittens riding the top of my Christmas tree this year. Perhaps the tree climbing gene passed Willie Rae.... she's content to sleep underneath it.

  7. What a wonderful weekend Kelly! I'm sure that did a body good as well as made a couple of kitties awful thankful. So glad especially for Henry :) (who knew he was Jewish lol)

    Glad your Christmas tree is still intact. Ours got up (fake tree) but the lights and ornaments are yet to be done. Check my comment on Robyn's blog for more info.

    1. I was never so grateful to have to cancel adoption hours... we were planning a special weeknight event for our older cats and kittens who live at Petco, but 3 out of the 5 of them got adopted in one weekend (and we hadn't adopted anyone out of the condos in a month!). We still have 2 boys left there, but we have high hopes for them. Mother Adams/Quincy-Adams will move in next weekend. I can't wait to take some pictures of her and show you all what she looks like!

      I lucked out with the kittens. Willie Rae likes to lightly tap the bottom branches, but doesn't go inside the tree (and the ornaments are all where I left them!)