Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What's In a Name?

I teased you a little yesterday with a single photo of an "ornament" on our Christmas tree.  Our little Ruby got a new collar, a new tag, and a new name just in time for Christmas.  :)

When fosters come into the house, I give them names that are always intended to be temporary... something that's fun for me or fits the family theme.  I never imagine that their names will stick with them for life (even if THEY stick with me for life).

And so begins the story of a new name for Willie Rae.  After having a girly-girl torbie named Einstein for nearly two decades, I decided that this particular girly-girl torbie needed an actual girly-girl name... something solid, old-fashioned, and feminine was in order.

At first we tried names that went with "Rae", so we could combine the old and new together in a pleasing combination.  Nothing clicked.  So then, we turned to the orange splotch on her forehead.  It looks like the crown jewels to me, so I suggested naming her after a gemstone.  The girls wanted "Amber", but it wasn't my cup of tea.  That's when we settled on Ruby.

Not going to lie, it helped cement the name when my son mentioned her name rhyming with "Scooby."  Her new nickname?  "Ruby Roo" (or "Ruby Ruby Rooooooo")

And since we finalized her adoption right before Christmas, our Ruby needed a very special middle name... Her full name?  Ruby Noelle :)

I know... I'm weird.  All of my pets have middle names (and a billion and one nicknames too).  Simba is Simba Nemo (don't judge... preschoolers plus an orange kitten gets you Disney names for a lion and a fish).  We also have a Charles Jethro and a Norman Jasper in the house.  Ruby Noelle is actually quite sophisticated in comparison.

"Ruby LIKES her name."
"Something Ruby doesn't like?  Her new tag... and her new bell... and her new collar..."
"And Ruby has her Daddy too... so there!"


Kittens' First Christmas

"Does this one say 'Ruby'? Perhaps you forgot and wrote 'Willie Rae' instead?"
 "Is Ruby's present under this paper?"
 "How about in THIS one?"
 "All this mess and none of it for Ruby??"

No worries... there were lots of presents waiting for Ruby in her brand new pink stocking.
And lots of presents for Simba, Charlie, Abby, and Norman hanging from the wine rack, too.
Lincoln and Cruz?  Also covered.
"Does this one say 'Lincoln'??? Lincoln doesn't read very well.  It also would appear to have too many letters to spell 'Lincoln'."

The boys are continuing to recover from the upper respiratory, still a teeny sneezy but overall doing quite well.  Besides their stockings full of toys, we gave the boys the best... present... ever and let them out of the foster room to join in the festivities.

 "Perhaps if Lincoln is extra sneaky, he can get some of the boy's Yugioh cards for himself."
 "Or maybe the boy wouldn't mind if Lincoln played with that ball in the middle of his big mess...
He probably wouldn't even notice."
 "Yeah... how can  you people live in such a mess?"
 "Although... Cruzie can see the attraction of the big pile-o-stuff."
 "Cruzie will rearrange these papers JUST a little bit and the mess will be perfect."
 "WHOA!!! You keep sparkle balls in your messes!!!  Cool!!!"
"Will the Lady notice if Lincoln climbs up the tree?"
Yes... yes, she did.
"Running amok amok amok up and down the stairs with Ruby."
At this interlude, I will share that the only creature in the house who had an issue with Lincoln and Cruz running amok was teeny tiny Ruby.  This is her house and those boys had better remember that they are merely guests.  They should also return to the foster room as soon as possible.
(At least that was my interpretation of her noise and growls)
 "Sheesh... What's HER problem?"
"See?  The little girl loves the Cruzie.  He's a good guy... Honest."


Let's not forget that this is Abby's first Christmas too.


Okay, okay... It's Charlie's SECOND Christmas with us... but just look at how much he loves his Christmas bone.
 LOVES that bone.
"Interesting aroma... Would you let Lincoln have a taste, kind sir?"


And after a decade of Christmases with us, Simba has learned to watch the chaos from my lap.


And last but not least, there was one among us who had a very extra-special Christmas...
 Norman might be an old man, but this is HIS first Christmas with us.
 I think Norman really liked the canned food in his stocking.
 "If anyone tries to take Norman's food, Norman will mess them up!"
Snoozing under the tree after a tough morning of watching people open presents.


  1. Kelly does this mean Miss Ruby is now a permanenent resident in your house now?

    She looks a complete little cutie as only torties can look!

    1. Yes, Martin... Willie Rae had adopted me from the beginning. It just took me a while to fill out the paperwork and make it official. :)

  2. Ruby sure looks like she's not had a problem finding a place in the family home :)For some reason I keep calling her Ruby Rae in my mind.

    I just have to say Kelly that I love your narration. In our house we call it "voice of the pets". Especially like that photo of Simba viewing the choas from on high. Our pets have tons of nicknames as well so you're not alone in that.

    Hope Norman is feeling better. And Charlie with his bone is adorable :)

    1. You're not the only one, Anna. My son calls her Ruby Rae too.

      Thank you for your kind words. And Norman's is feeling much better... even if he's seemed to pick up a case of the sniffles. So now we're medicating him for something else (but far less serious).

  3. Kelly-Ruby Noelle is a great name. So sophisticated yet comfy at the same time. When my daughter was born since she was a December baby (and DUE at Christmastime) we also thought of Noelle and Nicole and some other things as first and middles for her. Glad you and your family had a wonderful holiday. Oreo I think would rather be done with the extra people taking up her sleeping spots, the not being allowed out of the carrier thing, yada yada. Christmas is not for cats in her opinion. (Will try to post pics on FLickr soon)

    1. Poor Oreo! Hope life returns to normal for her soon. Can't wait to see the latest pictures of her!

  4. Oh Ruuubby...didn't take her love from Tiny Tabby Town...
    (With apologies to Kenny Rodgers!)

    Great pictures and stories!!

    1. HA! Paula (our rescue director) sings that same song about our Ruby :)

  5. Awww - welcome Ruby Noelle..... sounds like a wonderful Christmas was had by all. :)

    1. We're still recovering after our wild and crazy feline extravaganza, but it was well worth it. Hope you all had a Meowy Christmas!

  6. I could make comments about pretty much every single sentence to this post, but it would all boil down to I LOVE IT!!

    Welcome Ruby Noelle, I look forward to watching you grow up.

    1. Thanks Connie... it was a Christmas full of great moments, that's for sure.

  7. I am very glad Ruby chose you to be hers. May she give you many years of tortitude.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Are you sure that you and Robyn A. aren't sisters-from-another-mother kind of thing? I agree with Anna-narration is so spot-on and funny. Ruby's a cutie, but I'm a lover of Lincoln.

    1. Thank you, Barbara! I take the comparison as a great compliment. Lincoln lovers will be thrilled by tomorrow's post :)

  9. Ruby Noelle is a wonderful name! My kitties all have middle names, too. Right now I have Harley Jane (Jane seemed to go so perfectly with Harley - it was months before it dawned on me that there's an actress names Harley Jane Kozak!) -- I kind of wish I had given her a girlier name, since people seem to think Harley is a boy. And Alice is actually Samantha Alice - she was Samantha at the shelter and knew that name so I just added her new name to it. I called her by her whole name frequently at first, but now she's Alice or Allie, unless she's in trouble!