Friday, December 7, 2012

No Worries

I am not flu-ridden, just... overwhelmed (for the moment).  It has been a crazy busy week.  With stomach flu and house that needs decontamination, parent meetings about potential high school programs for the 8th grade son, and a husband who is home but leaving on Friday (and will be gone until Christmas), photos haven't been my top priority.  There's also this...

Not the best picture but I'll work on that over the weekend,  Our friend the Christmas tree is h.u.g.e.  So much so that we had to leave it laying on it's side for a day while we tracked down a larger, more industrial stand for it.

It *is* however mostly decorated, even if I'm still looking for the tree skirt.  The good news is that the kitties have mostly been leaving it alone.  I wasn't worried about Simba, his track record is a good one.  Norman hasn't gone anywhere near it.  Abby and Willie Rae go under it to sniff and touch the branches but, for the most part, have left the ornaments alone.  

I'm working to get photos of the kitties with the tree over the weekend.  

I know... no new pictures of these guys either.  They are interested in being lap kitties, but the sound of camera clicking still makes them a bit nervous (especially Vixen) so I'm laying off for a couple days.  

The good news is that the fleas appear to be gone (furiously knocking on the coffee table as I type).  Since I have other kittens scheduled to attend adoption hours tomorrow, I'm waiting until the end of the weekend to introduce them to the rest of the foster population... just in case.


I have no new pictures of my crew, but I will however introduce you to some gorgeous adoptables being fostered by a friend of mine...

Meet Harley
And his brother Harvey.
(Yeah, I can't tell them apart either)
Harvey, Harley, and their sister Marlee (with her back to the camera) were the most recent litter of kittens born to a feral mama known to foster mom Perri.

Perri has rescued several litters from this mama, who brings them to her when they are old enough to eat on their own... but resists trapping and spaying.  She's a magician, that one.  We're still working on accomplishing this.  Hopefully, these gorgeous babes will be mama's last litter.

Marlee has already been adopted and will be hanging out with Perri until Christmas Eve.  Another lucky little girl will be getting a new friend on Christmas morning :-)


The Weekend

Lincoln returns to adoption hours on Saturday.

So does Willie Rae
(Whether she wants to or not)

Cooper goes to his new home on Sunday.

And someone just might be coming home for a visit...
If he doesn't get adopted this weekend, Cruz will be moving in to keep his brother Peeps company for a while.

I'm not sure which result I'm hoping for.
I do know that I will give him lots of hugs and take photos for you at adoption hours.
He's not nearly this tiny any more.


  1. Good luck this weekend.....paws crossed for many adoptions!

    1. Thank you! I love having them here, but I will love it more when they go to their forever homes (where they're supposed to be!)

  2. That IS a huge tree Kelly. Life has gotten the better of us also. We have not put the tree up but expect to on the weekend. Take care and good luck to all the kitties for new families (and kiddies to get better).

    1. Let's just say I have no size perception out in the Christmas tree fields ;-) We've always had tall trees, but nothing quite this wide in the living room before. (Last year's tree was even bigger, if you can believe that. But it was in the foster room... and took up half of a the room. We weren't using it at the time, though, so it was really awesome!)

      Hope Oreo keeps her mitts off the ornaments. I found Willie Rae rolling her first ornament across the floor this morning. When I put it back up but higher on the tree, I could read her thoughts wondering if it was a new challenge. Luckily she decided against it.

  3. Looking at the expressions of Harvey and Harley, and then at Marlee's ears, I think two little brothers were getting scolded by their sister! And I hope their mama finally gets caught. She makes some pretty babies but it's time for her to hang motherhood up!

    What a big tree! I always have to carry a tape measure when I get my tree, less I get carried away and forget the amount of space I actually have in my foyer... Looking forward to more pictures!

    Good luck this week-end (and sorry but I'm pulling for Willie Rae to be back with us on Monday)! ;)

    1. I'm thinking a tape measure needs to be added to the pack for cutting down the tree in future years. It's funny... every year there's a squabble (minor) in the fields. Usually it's between the kids. This year it was my husband and I debating between the fat and skinny trees. I won (and boy did I win). Good thing we have a big enough house to accommodate, but I think we need something slightly smaller next year. Just don't tell him that.

      Oh dear gracious, if Willie Rae keeps coming back.... well, I think you know how it will end up. No one in the rescue believes I will let her go at this point. I will (this weekend).

  4. Good Luck to whoever can catch H,H & M's momma! Please along any trapping tips! Our house took a big step last yr & gave up on the evergreen tree. We put lights on indoor ficus tree instead. It’s a CA Xmas tree for us now. I’ll be hoping for happy adoption news on Monday’s post. Good Luck!