Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pretty Girl Vixen

Our teeny tiny girl Vixen is a strikingly beautiful kitten...
which is sometimes difficult to photograph.

We received dozens of phone calls for her brother Comet based on this one single photo on Petfinder.

Vixen's intial photo session left a much to be desired in the results, so this weekend I dedicated some time to working with our pretty little model.

Someone else decided that he would like to be part of the session too.

And after a moment... not just a part of the session, Peeps wanted to be the star.

"Hi, Lady!"

What you should understand is that Peeps is the love monster of the front foster room
They all love to be loved, but Peeps is the leader of the pack.


"The title of the article clearly reads 'Pretty Girl Vixen'.  Peeps is neither a girl nor Vixen.  Harrumph."

 "This is much better."

I understand that Vixen is the last of the baby-babies available before the holiday.
Not only is she pint-sized, but she's sweet as candy and a lap cat to boot.
If you know someone who is looking for a kitten for Christmas, send them my way.
I might even be able to arrange a "layaway" program ;-)


Teeny Tiny Health Update

They're not teeny or tiny anymore, so Cruz and Lincoln are heading off to get "tutored" this morning.  Shhh..... they think it's a special field trip and I don't want to burst their bubble.

Norm is still quiet, but eating and using the litter box.  We're making progress.  


  1. LOL.. Peeps, the ultimate photobomber

  2. love the photobombs!!! nose shots crack me up....

    Purrs to Norm

  3. I want Vixen, but I'm too far away! Come on, people!