Monday, December 24, 2012

Who'll Be Home for Christmas?

DATELINE: Friday, December 21
Teeny Tiny Tabby Town... Foster Population: 6

We knew on Friday morning that our number was going to be dwindling by one...


"Seriously, Lady... Is it time for Comet to go yet?"

"Not yet? Comet has to wait all the way until dinner time?"

"Okay... Comet will just be here with the big boy."

Before he left, Comet indulged me with a photo session.

He did haughty.

He did sweet.

He did gorgeous... very well, I might add.

Have a wonderful life, sweetheart.
By the way... His mama named him Cosmo.  Is that not completely perfect?


DATELINE: Saturday, December 22
Teeny Tiny Tabby Town... Foster Population: 5

We were running late to adoption hours on Saturday afternoon.  When I arrived (15 minutes late), someone already had a family waiting for her...

Vixen's new mama found her on Petfinder and was quite excited to meet her.

Good thing she showed up when she did because 2 other families came later in the afternoon looking to take our Vixen home.

Our popular little girl waved goodbye within 30 minutes of her arrival at her very first adoption hours.
Have a happy life, my sweet little lap kitten.

And that's where things came to a screeching halt...


"Cruzie doesn't feel too good, Lady."

"Yeah, Lincoln either. 
Uh oh... AH... AH... AH....

We're guessing our two boys picked up a little something at the clinic when they went in for neutering the other day.  Mild-mannered Lincoln was a crabby, rude mess within an hour of arriving at adoption hours.  He hissed.  He growled.  He didn't want attention or affection.  And then he sneezed.  And sneezed some more.  And then Cruz sneezed.  And sneezed some more.  We called the vet for meds and packed our boys up and headed for home.

I'm happy to say that after one full day on Clavamox both boys are feeling MUCH better.  They're bouncing around like loons, snuggling, purring, and trying to climb the Christmas tree.  They're also very excited for Christmas.  I've hung some extra stockings because the boys will be here with us for another week.

The best part is that (thankfully) their brother Peeps hasn't made a single peep in the sneeze department.  Because that boy has somewhere to be today...


DATELINE: Monday, December 24
TEENY TINY TABBY TOWN... Foster Population: 4

Peeps spent the weekend snuggled up with his brothers, 
but by the end of the day he'll be snuggled up with his new mother.

"Peeps loves his Lincoln pillow!"

"Wait... Peeps is leaving??!??!??!"

"HAhaHAhaHAhaHA!! The window perch will be Lincoln's.... ALL Lincoln's!!"


"What do you MEAN that Lincoln has to share it with Cruzie?
And really, Lady... When was the last time you cleaned this window?"

By the end of the morning, we'll be packing the Peepster's little bags and getting ready to meet his new family.  He will be spending Christmas Eve in his new home (and meeting his new little girl on Christmas morning!)

Goodbye, my handsome photo-bomber.
We will miss you SO much.
Have a happy, happy life.


The forecast...

DATELINE: Tuesday, December 25
TEENY TINY TABBY TOWN... Projected Foster Population: 3

Lincoln, Cruz, and Abby will be here for Christmas.  The boys will be here until next weekend, when they will return to adoption hours after finishing their course of meds.  Abby will be scheduled for her eyelid surgery right after New Year's.  We'll still have plenty to blog about over the next week.  Stay tuned.


The gossip...

The human population grew by one over the weekend when the husband came home for the holidays.
Someone is quite attached to him.

"He LIKES it when Abby snuggles him... Really, he does!"

Yep... Our Abby is an outrageous flirt when it comes to my husband.

Also, it seems, with Norman...
"He LIKES it when Abby snuggles him... Really, he does!"

I will be revealing a teeny tiny secret in tomorrow's blog post.
Check back and find out what it is.

Until then...


EDIT: I completely forgot to mention... We had a TON of adoptions this weekend of our Petco kittens.  Several kitties that you've met previously went home, including Squeeks and Sidney. :) Only ONE kitten was left at the end of the weekend (and we were already discussing bringing her back to foster because she is extra-shy and needs more attention). Didn't matter anyway... our rescue brings them ALL home for Christmas. No one spends the holiday at the store.


  1. Yay adoptions! Boo colds! So glad that Lincoln, Abby, and Cruz are feeling better and will spend Christmas with your family. Will check back tomorrow to read the news.

    How is Norman doing (other than looking a little put out at Abby trying to snuggle with him :)

  2. Isn't it wonderful when they go home! :) Sorry to hear the boys didn't make it out, but I have a feeling they preferred to stay with you for the holidays.. some cats are just like that :)

    Cosmo is adorable, and looks so much like Jack as a kitten.

    may you have a wonderful sneeze free holiday, and may adoptions leave you kittenless..

  3. Sounds like things are going well. Glad hubby is back home with you too :) Enjoy the week!

  4. Merry Christmas to all!!!! Yeah for adoptions and new forever homes. :)