Thursday, December 6, 2012

"We're Going in the Wrong Direction!"

As I was counting fosters on Tuesday, I noticed something very important. The number... it's not the same as it was on Monday. As my husband might have told me: "I thought the number was supposed to get smaller instead of bigger."  ;-)

As a side note, I have been hearing an exceptionally minor line from the film Terms of Endearment in my head ever since Monday afternoon. Debra Winger's character is in the grocery store and doesn't have enough money to pay for her items, so she starts to put things back. A snotty cashier motivates her to put candy for each of her kids back on the conveyor belt.  So the cashier yells "We're going in the wrong direction here!" Well, that's where we are here in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town... Going in the wrong direction here.

Welcome home, Lincoln.  We missed you very much.

And we will do our very best to make sure that your next adoption is your last adoption.

"Sure... We're all excited about having Lincoln home. But how about you take a picture of Cooper too, Lady?"

"Cooper is special TOO!"

Yes Cooper, you are extraordinarily special (and that's why I spent the next several minutes rubbing his very special belly)

So on Tuesday morning, our number went from four fosters to five.

And on Tuesday evening, our number unexpectedly went from five fosters to seven.

Meet Vixen and Comet, the newest residents of the upstairs bathroom.  
(See?  I told you that I had an excellent reason for the short blog post yesterday!)

Vixen and Comet are two 8-week-old kittens who were taken in as ferals a few weeks ago by foster mother Diane. Their mother dropped them off in Diane's yard and high-tailed it out of there. Aren't they gorgeous?

We were supposed to take them right after the Jeffersons moved out, but a slow moving Lionel and Willie Rae delayed them by a week (and then a sick Abby and the arrival of the Quincy-Adams clan delayed them by a bit more). Now that they are 8-weeks-old and almost ready for adoption, it was decided that they really need the socialization that the kids, the other cats, and the dog can give them in the next week or so. So... here they are!

They visited the vet for their first shots on Tuesday evening and were found to have a few hitchhikers... ugh. So they moved into the bathroom for a few days while we kill off the pests (two rounds of Capstar, a bath with Pert Plus, and a dose of Frontline have pretty much done the trick). I will check them again on Thursday night or Friday morning and move them in downstairs with the Quincy-Adams boys when they are clear.

They are technically ready to start visiting adoption hours this weekend, but they're a bit skittish so I've lobbied for an extra week. As short timers we won't be giving them their own last name, but they are honorary members of the Quincy-Adams clan.

This precious little puffball is Comet.

He always looks slightly surprised... and somewhat like he has just stuck a toe in a light socket... our boy has "Kramer" hair (sticking out everywhere!)  :-)

Comet's much smaller sister Vixen is a dead ringer for Mother Jefferson.

So much so that I've taken to calling her "Mama Junior"

I am certain that Mama is not amused by this.

I, on the other hand, am thrilled to have these dumplings with us.
They're purring and everything.


Two out of three kids went down with stomach flu overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. As I write this, I'm starting to feel a bit, for want of a better word, blech. I'm trying my best to fight it off, but if I should happen to disappear from the blogosphere on Friday... well, you know what happened to me.

As my gift to you in case I'm missing tomorrow, I present...

Norman in a box.  
Sorry that I didn't have time to wrap him.


  1. Comet and Vixen are just too cute!

    Hope the flu bug passes you by.

    1. Me too! So far, so good. I'd much rather spend my time with these babies!

  2. Comet and Vixen are absolutely adorable! (As are Lincoln and Cooper, of course.)

    I hope you feel better soon. Norman will help out, I'm sure. :)

    1. Norm is all about the helping. I'm on the upswing already... think it's just a tiny bit of what the kids had. Ever so glad they didn't feel the need to share.

  3. Cutie patooties! It was good and bad news and cat and other related-you tricked us Kelly! Hope you and the rest of the gang feel better soon. At least you are getting it out of the way BEFORE the holiday break from school.

    1. Heh... at the moment that I wrote yesterday's post, it WAS all about the cats. The flu snuck in between the writing and the automatic posting. The good news is I'm doing okay... not feeling 100%, but I think I've missed the worst of it. Letting the kids sleep through another day though.

  4. awww - what a pair of cuties!! They are in good hands. :) Those darned feral momma cats.... haha

    Emma has that same hairstyle - and expression....

    1. I love that hairstyle. It might be my favorite ever on a foster.

  5. Wow, I have a soft spot for ferals! The homeless life is so tough. We feed & TNR a colony but struggle to get them in the traps for Vet trips. Thanks for your kindness. The streets are no place for babies. And Comet's wide-eyed look is great!

    1. Surprisingly, Michigan winter has been somewhat mild so far. I'm glad we were able to get these two into warmth and safety before the worst begins.

      Perpetually shocked, that boy... even when he's not ;-)

  6. I don't know, sounds to me like you are going in the RIGHT direction :) I however am going in the WRONG direction as I am officially out of kittens (can I have some of yours??)

    1. Let me just pack a couple up and send them on their way ;-)

      Not sure as if I feel there are too many fosters, just too spread out... in the foster room, in the bathroom, in the main house. I'd rather just lump them all together and sit in one place to snuggle and play. This weekend, I will (hopefully) accomplish this.

  7. I am going to date myself with this reference, but Comet reminds me of the cartoon character Gossamer -- you know that big red haired thing with Bugs Bunny -- Monsters are such interesting people! I have a big soft spot for blue-grey kitties!