Thursday, May 23, 2013

Houston, We Have A Problem

He doesn't look like a problem, does he?
How could such a relaxed, roly-poly surfer dude cat be a problem?
He is a big fat jerk. That's what's he is.

Mama Clarice thinks Simba is an unprintable name. She whispered it in my ear because she's too much of a lady to say it out loud.

Our sweet Mama has made friends (or at least created a workable relationship) with Ruby, Norman, and even the dog who gobbles up her food whenever he gets the chance.

Simba has decided to be an "in her face" jerkapotamus.

I'm thinking he's behind the decapitated dragon head that I found in my bed yesterday morning.

Mama's family is out there somewhere. I hope they find her soon. As much as we love her, this cannot be her forever stop. She needs to feel free to roam the entire house (and she doesn't show any signs of standing up to big bad Simba). 

This isn't to say that she will not do well with other animals in the house. She accepts Ruby and doesn't run from Norm or the Chucklehead. She just has no patience for j-e-r-k-s. If you have an intense Alpha Cat, Mama might not mix well but otherwise I think she'd be willing to give it a try.


The Munchkin Report

Babies!! The babies are getting ever closer. They have been sighted in my friend's yard and are getting braver and more independent by the day. We're pretty sure (at least as sure as we can be without getting our hands on them to physically check) that we will have one boy and two girls in this litter. There's a fluffy orange boy who is already eating on his own. He appears to have two tortie sisters. And are you ready for this??? One of his sisters has an orange splotch on her head. 

Do you think the world is ready for a Ruby Junior? 
From what I hear, she's a handful for her Mama too... I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

The babies are 6 weeks old right now. Their Mama is being a bit protective with them at the moment so it might be another week before we have them in our grasp. But we're getting closer... almost there! 


  1. good luck with the kitts. We gots all our paws crossed for Clarice (and a big raspberry to Simba)

  2. I think Simba is just intent on keeping you on track..