Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thankful Thursday


And not just any sunshine... WARM sunshine!!!

78 degrees and sunny on a random weekday in Michigan?


"Sunshine is totally cool, Dude!"

"Hey... What's THAT?????"

"Ruby thinks that, with enough careful consideration, a route to the outside world could be discovered. All it will take is some creative financing, some dental floss, and paperclip."

"Surprised? Ruby is more than a pretty face, you know."

I am currently taking bets on how many warm spring days it will take to produce a Ruby-shaped hole in my living room window screen. Birds in the daytime, bugs at night, a not-so-teeny-tiny kitten leaning against the screen to get a closer look.... oy!


  1. hehehe
    Ruby-shaped hole! That would be purrfect for mischief! :D
    ~Brooch Czarina

  2. We had to put cat-proof screening on all of our doors after we ended up with a Sophie-sized hole in one. It works great - it has been about 5 years since then and no more holes!

  3. We have inserts in the windows - but mom DOES have to replace the screen on the sliding door after some (*Mo*) cat ripped the screen. Enjoy the sunshine - we gots it here too....and heard it was SNOWING in MN this am. yikes!!

  4. If you have a screen door on your front door, be careful you don't shut Ruby in between them! I did that to my Allie-cat when she was small - there was just enough room for her to fit... :-)

  5. I'm with ya Ruby, that sunshine feels good. Wish I could just lay in it all day too!

  6. Ruby! Are you MacGyver reincarnated :)

    you know, after seeing all those sun-warmed kitties, all I want to do is take a nap now.