Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mom-a-Thon Tuesday

"Um... Excuse me? Ruby believes the Lady misspoke just now. This is Tuesday. I am Ruby. Therefore, today's post is RUBY Tuesday."

With apologies to Ruby, we have slightly different priorities this week. Did you know that there are only five shopping days until Mother's Day? I'm sure that you have all shopped for your mother in the past, but have you ever shopped for a mama? If you happen to be in the market for a mama, we have an exceptional one available here in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town.


"AGAIN? HER, AGAIN? What about RUBY? It IS Tuesday..."

"How about if we just tell the people all of the reasons why they should get the Mama kitty out of Ruby's house... Um, all the reasons why they should want to live with the Mama kitty forever."


The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Mama Kitty

10. Mama Clarice LOVES to snuggle... Mama Clarice is pretty pushy about her snuggle time. She flies to your side as soon as you walk through the door and purrs and meows and purrs some more until you pay attention to her. She gets so excited about affection that Mama has a hard time sitting still for snuggles. She will walk back and forth across your lap, purring and rubbing on whatever body part that she can reach. After several minutes, Mama is ready to settle down and sit beside you (but only after she's shown you how very much she appreciates your attention). If you were to adopt our mama cat, you would never want for attention or love. Clarice is ready, willing, and able to provide it at a moment's notice.

9. As an older kitty, Mama Clarice is content to be slower, quieter, and more relaxed than a kitten... Mama might be WAY too chill for Ruby's taste. She has been known to enjoy sitting still from time to time. She appreciates a safe perch up high to watch the world below. If that perch is next to a window where she can see birds, all the better. The lucky family that adopts our mama cat will never have to worry about leaving her unattended. She's completely trustworthy and unlikely to play whirling dervish or seek-and-destroy while you're not looking.

8. Mama Clarice might be older, but she's still playful... It's a more restrained play instead of a "bounce off your face" kind of play, but at three-years-old Clarice enjoys a good, quiet type of game. Believe it or not, Clarice's favorite past-time is a modified version of fetch. If you throw the toy, she will chase after it. She changes the rules slightly in that Clarice is unlikely to return the toy once thrown. She will, however, expect you to throw another. If Mama's forever family happens to include an aspiring baseball pitcher, she will give the prospect lots of practice at home.

7. Mama Clarice is all girl... Meaning, Mama Clarice has a thing for shiny objects. She adores sparkle balls, glitter toys, and anything foil-based and reflective. Beware though... she "de-glitters" all of the sparkly toys. Once she removes all those sparkles, you'll be spending your time removing the strands of tinsel from her fur coat. Not to worry, though. Mama Clarice's family will save money on blinged-out collars and accessories. She'll bling out herself, thank you very much.

6. Mama Clarice is a video game aficionado... Mama Clarice will not only happily keep gamers company while they play, but she enjoys the action. Beyond merely watching the movement on the screen, Mama enjoys taking a turn or two at the controls herself. She enjoys wresting the occasional Wii-mote and who among us can refrain from grabbing at the cords that connect the nunchuck to the controller? Mama certainly cannot. The members of her forever family will almost certainly acquire greater focus and control through gameplay with a meddling mama.

5. Mama Clarice likes water... In a bowl, out of a bowl, splashed around on the floor, any water is good water for Mama Clarice. Not a fan of cleaning the floor? Mama will clean it for you! Just leave her water dish near the dirty spot and let Mama Clarice take care of the rest. 

4. Mama Clarice appreciates a good fort... The younger members of the family will finally have an excuse to build forts out of sofa cushions and blankets because Mama Clarice LOVES them. In fact, when you're in a time crunch and unable to build a fort for Mama, she will find a way to build one for herself. She has been known to rearrange the cat beds and blankets in order to build a wall to hide behind. When she's out of pillows, Mama Clarice will make her own space under the furniture. She's like McGyver... Clarice can make herself a burrow with whatever materials you can provide.

3. Mama Clarice sings all of the greatest hits... Remember those great tunes? "Pet Me" from 1997? "Please Love Me" from Billboard's 100 Greatest of 2003?  "Hey, I'm Over Here" the blockbuster hit from 2005? And let's never forget 2013's "HEY! WHY AREN'T YOU PETTING ME?"  Mama Clarice has practiced and  perfected each of the above songs AND MORE! You'll never lack for musical accompaniment if Mama's available to snuggle.

2. Mama Clarice fears the Roo...  Well, not really but Mama is a softer kind of girl than Ruby is. While Ruby is forward, outgoing, and pushy to the point of intimidation, Mama Clarice prefers a more low-key interaction. She avoids Ruby's company and prefers the fort under the dining room table to an audience with the Roo. I fully expect that Mama will get along beautifully with any other animals, as long as she's given time to adjust. Families with no other animals or who have an older, quieter set, might find that Mama is a better match for them though.

"Yep... Get that Mama Kitty out of here. Roo is skeery! Hee hee hee hee hee hee!!!!!"

1. Mama Clarice NEEDS you... Let's face it. Kittens will always find a home. Older cats, while perhaps needing to wait a while longer, will find their way. But Mama Clarice faces prejudice and misunderstanding because of her FIV status. She needs you... the one who understands that she's not sickly; the one who understands that she's not casually contagious; the one who is willing to take a chance on her; the one who is able to give her the home that she needs, the home that she wants, the home that she deserves.

If you have room in your heart and your home for Mama Clarice, start by checking out yesterday's post to make sure you're well apprised of her needs in a forever home. You will also find contact information there if you have any questions for me.


  1. Nice job Ruby and Kelly, those are good reasons for adopting a Clarice. :)

  2. Oh Ruby.. so generous of you to let Clarice have this post.. paws crossed your good deed pays off.

  3. Alone each reason is tempting but together, they add up to be one really great cat. Good Luck to Clarice, we're rootin' for her!!