Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday, I am thankful for a healthy office assistant.

"Just working on filling up your "OUT" box, Lady. 
By the way... When was the last time you dusted this shelf?"

"Looks like your "IN" box could use some work too. Do you have another assistant to take care of that? Norm could use a nap."

Norman appears to be getting healthier by the day. He is eating well. His litter box issues are (mostly) clearing up. And his ears? His ears look to be filling in with fuzz, just like a real kitty!

Perhaps we're on our way back up to the top of the roller coaster before another big drop. But as long as Norm is feeling good, so am I.

"Do you MIND? Norman is taking his break!"


Bonus Norman Action:

Plus a view of classic Ruby behavior in how she greets her Uncle Norman.
Also, her spilled water on the counter.
Ignore the laundry in the background. Breakfast time is too early to stage scenes.


Someone Else Who Likes Her Breakfast?

Mama Clarice is gaining her weight back after raising those fabulous babies.

"A lady's weight is her own business, thank you very much."

Mama Clarice is still available. You know how to reach me.


Oh... and our next foster babies have been spotted out of their den. They are four weeks old now. I imagine they will be making your acquaintance in the next week or two.


  1. good job Norman - someone has to keep that lady in line :)

  2. Nice to see Norman, all healthy & happy. Good thought for Clarice!

  3. Please please stop apologizing for things in your photos or videos! We NEVER see the things you see, and when you apologize for them, you simply point them out to us when they would have gone unnoticed! :) We just see KITTEHS!!! :)

  4. YAY for healthy Norman..

    (and I agree with Camelama, stop apologizing)

  5. How good is Norman's improvement?! what sort of things have you been doing with Norman to get him back on track?

  6. I am not sure if this comment thing is working for me - anyway .... How good is Norman's improvement?! what sort of things have you been doing to put Norman back on track?

    1. It's working! The blog has been hit by so much spam. It usually gets attached to older entries, so I changed the comment settings. Any entry over 3 days old now requires comment modification. So I'M seeing what you say. It just takes until I approve it for the comment to show up on the blog.

      As for Norman, I'm not sure exactly what's working with him. We've changed his diet and tried to make certain that his food is as "all nautral" as we can get. We're also trying to avoid grains (at least every grain but rice). We're adding FortiFlora to his canned food as well.

      He acts like he's feeling better, but he's still way too skinny. Also, the fur thing seems to be cyclical. He's still missing a bit of fur on the backs of his ears and the backs of his legs. But he'e.s looking much better than before.