Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ruby Roo, Where ARE You??

A Song That Frequently Runs Through My Head...

Ruby Ruby Roo, Where are you?
We've got some work to do now.

Ruby Ruby Roo, Where are you?
We need some help from you now.


Come on Ruby Roo, I see you...

Pretending you've got a sliver.

But you're not fooling me, 'cause I can see the way you shake and shiver.


You know we've got a mystery to solve,

So Ruby Roo be ready for your act.

Don't hold back!

And Ruby Roo if you come through you're gonna have yourself a Ruby Snack!

That's a fact!


Ruby Ruby Roo, here are you.

You're ready and you're willing.

If we can count on you, Ruby Roo...

I know we'll catch that villain.


"Hey... Did someone say 'snack'? Where's the snack?"


Getting Ready for Kittens...

My son and my husband built a new climber for the foster room over the weekend. My 14-year-old boy is very nearly an Eagle Scout and he has been tasked to take on projects around the house to help his family while pursuing the most recent merit badge. 

The recurrent bouts of ringworm forced me to clear the entire foster room, including the climber (which is not completely gone but rather relocated upstairs with the older animals that appear to be immune or more resistant to whatever might still be lingering). After pricing new climbers, which are ridiculously expensive, my son offered that he might be able to build one. Yay!

Being thrifty and budget-challenged, he found the old puppet theater in the basement and re-purposed it for us. The original theater was built by his dad and painted by his mom as a Christmas present a million years ago and has been unused forever now. With the addition of a few pieces of lumber from Home Depot and carpet donations from a local flooring shop, he put this together in a couple of days and for under $30. 

I can't wait to see kittens bouncing around on it. Hopefully, they'll give us a show on that stage too.

They'll be here soon! 


  1. Great - I am gonna have that song stuck in my head ALL day!! :)

    Love the stage. I had to laugh - my parents stopped by the pet expo here when I was volunteering with the rescue. My dad saw the cat furniture exhibit and almost passed out (keeping in mind that he is NOT a cat guy). He called me over and said "do you know how much this is?" yep - the very reason we don't have much cat furniture. "Do you know it costs about $35 in materials?" yep - get to work fearless leader.... hahaha

    1. Really!! I found some great scratching posts on one of my favorite home decor shopping website the other week, and order a large, 5 foot, double post scratcher for $35. Great price, but it's so unsteady that the 7 lb baby can turn it over (not to mention what the 13 pounder does leaping for the top shelf!). So now I have to figure out how to anchor it better before someone gets hurts. (Don't worry - it's currently held down by a smaller, but much heavier, scratching post, but I need another solution so I can move one of scratchers upstairs).

  2. The earworm thanks you for the new home.. I however am not all that thrilled about it ;)

    I can not tell you how much I love this post.. I so want to stick it in a photo book for prosperity!

    How is the Norm??

  3. I love the toothy grin picture of Ruby Roo! You need to remember that one for Halloween with some season-appropriate vampire dialogue!

    And duh, how slow am I after a holiday weekend that it took me until the line about the Ruby snack to figure out this was the Scooby Doo song?!

  4. That repurposed cat tree is super! Nice job!

  5. Glad I am older...I have no idea WHAT the Scooby Doo song is so no earworms for me!!! But I love all the Ruby pictures, and I adore what your son is doing helping around the home (the cat climber is SUPER) and I wish him the best as he advances in the Scouts!