Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wuby Woo Wednesday

Thank you for your patience as we took the day off yesterday. Since Ruby Tuesday is the most important day of the week, we will pick up where we left off and call it "Wuby Woo Wednesday" instead.


There has been very little to see of a stressed out Ruby since company arrived on Friday. She's been under the bed for the past 4 days. I came back from dropping our houseguest off at the airport yesterday to find this...

Feeling better now, Roo?

"It has been a very stressful weekend, Lady. The Roo isn't as brave as she looks in pictures."

"Now, go away. The Roo has roughly 48 hours worth of sleep to catch up on."

Oh dear gracious, the teeny tiny teeth and the itty bitty nose just might have made me squeal... but just a little bit.

"Why are you still here, Lady? The Roo is SLEEPING."

And so The Roo did sleep... all day long, with only a visit or two to Mama's room to break up the nap schedule. Didn't help matters that the temperature has been in the upper 80s this week... not insanely hot for many of you, but this is Michigan and it doesn't get much hotter. Since Roo was born in September, this is the first of the really hot weather she has ever experienced. It made her sleepy. I'm sure she'll be back to her bounce-a-roo self tomorrow.


Charlie enjoyed the Grandpa-man's visit tremendously.

Turns out that Grandpa provides an excellent tug-of-war match-up for him.

Not sure how, but the dragon keeps on smiling through all of the abuse.


Not long now before teeny tiny tabbies make their entrance into the front room. Stay tuned!


  1. Poor dragon! But I'm glad Charlie had fun with Grampa (poor Roo!).

    Yay kittens! Uh oh...where'd I put my list of names?! ;)

  2. Poor Roo - visitors are tough. :) Glad Charlie had a good time!!

  3. My Chanie may be almost 15, but he still pretty much hides all the time when there are more than three guests at our house. And when there's just one or two guests, he won't fall asleep near us.

    Yay for new kittens! Can't wait to meet them!

  4. The dragon is smiling because that was what he was MADE to do.. I bet he was all sad while he was in the store waiting for someone to buy him and bring him home and play tug-o-war with him.. His life fulfilled, he'll be able to go on to a better place happy with his successes ;)

    *kisses for Ruby* (but only if they don't freak her out)