Friday, May 17, 2013

We Need A Nap

For the past two weeks, my house has been a hive of activity. Not fun activity, mind you... Cleaning activity. Spring has sprung in Michigan and our spring cleaning is WAY behind due to construction issues here at home. So lately, our lives have revolved around:

Cleaning the mirrors,

Cleaning the carpets,

Cleaning the windows,

And sometimes cleaning them again because someone (ahem) got distracted during the cleaning process.

We're almost done. Good thing too, because we need to stretch out and take a rest.

We need to chillax and look at the world from a different perspective.

We need to crack some jokes.

We need to catch some rays.

We need to...


Even Simba's exhausted.

Which is surprising considering he pretty much did nothing to help...
unless you count holding the bed down.

Which I don't.

Thank God It's Friday. Let's nap.


Cleaning had a definite deadline of today because company's coming! I have just enough time to put away the laundry, run a vacuum, and wipe another set of Ruby prints off the windows before they arrive. Between company and my kids' over the top weekend schedules, I may not make it back to the blog for an extra couple of days. I promise to at least be back in time for Wuby Woo Wednesday (if not sooner). I will, of course, stop by for breaking news announcements if there should happen to be any in the interim.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

I'll be enjoying the view out the foster room window.
(We planted that crabapple tree last May. It had already lost its blooms and had only leaves when it arrived for planting. This is the first time it bloomed since coming home to my yard. I'm just a little bit giddy.)


Friday morning addition: Our babies have been sighted. They are out and about playing in the yard with their mama. It won't be long now before she brings them to the feeding station and then... and then... and then they're all OURS!!! 

I predict a week or less before the munchkins move in :)


  1. Thanks for all the effort!

    1. It would have been done anyway. The construction mess was KILLING me! Your arrival helps create a deadline that workers and children understand.

      Kittens and dogs do not understand such things, though. They have been busily working to undo what has been done. Don't expect miracles. Other than the absence of kitten snot on your bedroom floor, I guarantee nothing.

  2. Wow Kelly, your windows DO shine. Good work! Have a fun weekend :) Oh and I don't know any kitten jokes but my daughter shared a few others the other day. So...What did the salt and pepper say to the bacon? and What is someone with no body and no nose called?

    1. I happened to catch an exceptionally sun-shiny moment, which helped the overall look of the window. Mademoiselle Roo makes their maintenance difficult. I wish she'd just let me enjoy the windows for a day or two.

      I might need to ask my kids those jokes. My brain isn't coming up with an answer at the moment. But don't tell me. I'm sure I'll get it when I least expect to do so :)

  3. RUBY!! What are you doing working? You lay right down and let me pat your belly.

    So tell me, Miss Ruby, would you like a little sister?