Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Match Made In Heaven

Flashback to late January. A certain tabby girl was intent on finding a cozy place to nap...

"Hey Mr. Charlie... Your bed appears to be in a sun spot."

"You wouldn't happen to have room for an Abby in there,
would you?"

"Scootch over juuuuust a skosh... 'kay?"

"No? All right... How about if Abby finds room on this side instead?"

"Could you please just move a bit to the right? GREAT!
Now if you could just fold your legs beneath you, there would be PLENTY of room for an Abby."

"WHERE? What do you mean WHERE?
THERE! Right THERE is room for an Abby!"

"All you need to do is get rid of this stinky woobie and Abby will fit just fine."

"Where are you going, Mr. Chuck?"

"Well, you don't have to be such a BABY about it!"

Flashback to two weeks ago (before the ringworm saga began). A certain black tabby boy was looking for a place to explore...

"Hey Dude... What's shakin'?"

"This bed is COOL!! Look at all the room you have in it!"


"Um, Sir? Why are you sniffing Grizzly's keister?
Dude! That's a little forward, don't you think?"

I might add that two (and ONLY two) foster kittens have ever made that move on Charlie. A coincidence that they are being adopted into the same family? I think not.

Of course, there's a permanent resident that pulls that maneuver fairly frequently...

Do you suppose they'd be interested in a hefty senior ginger cat as well?


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    1. Aww, sweet Abby, so good to see her again. I bet she'll get along great with Grizzly.
      (Sorry about the deleted comment, that was me. I clicked on Publish too quickly so I didn't have my usual name.)

  2. LOL! I love how sweeet Charlie is with the kitties. Give him an extra treat for me.

  3. awwww - poor Charlie being so rudely shoved out of bed. :) We bet that Grizzly boy gives Abby a run for her money.....

  4. Aww!! Love Grizzly's white butt!

  5. Deja meow! I loved that first sequence when you originally showed it, so it's only fitting that Grizzly is following in Abby's foot (paw?) steps!