Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mission Accomplished

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of love and support you showed yesterday when the news of our little Chanel broke. I received a phone call from Chanel and Abby's dad yesterday afternoon. After your reading your messages, he is overwhelmed by the affection, generosity, and kindness you expressed for Chanel and their family. He has asked me not only to convey his gratitude to you, but also to let you know how much they adore Abby and that she is doing a marvelous job of taking care of them during this difficult time. 



Last Wednesday, I announced a plan that involved all of you... Operation Zelda. The basic idea was to share our special girl until her forever family came calling.

By Wednesday night, I had received a promising inquiry about our fabulous green-eyed girl. By Saturday morning, Operation Zelda was...

Mission Accomplished.

Zelda found her forever home with a wonderful couple. They have adopted two other special and quirky kitties... one senior who chooses to be alone and one five-year-old in need of companionship while they are at work. After learning that Zelda enjoys the company of other non-aggressive cats, her new parents drove over an hour in a Michigan snowstorm to meet our girl.

I spent Saturday morning preparing her for the meet-and-greet, telling her that new people were a-okay, and that she just needed to trust me (and trust them). I guess I need not have worried quite so much.

Because when the time came to meet her new family, I lifted Zelda into my arms and she took the initiative and left my arms and chose to climb into theirs instead

Zelda was calm. Zelda was charming. Zelda was adopted. I imagine that before too very much longer Zelda was...

A very happy kitty with a beautiful pink tongue on display for all to see.

On Saturday evening, I received an update from Zelda's new dad promising photos and mentioning that she "has such a big purr for such a small cat." Just knowing that Zelda felt comfortable enough to purr on her first day in her new home gives me tremendous joy.

Happy life to my darling girl. Operation Zelda... Mission Accomplished... Over and Out.


Operation Zelda had worked so well that Operation Sadie was already in the planning stages by Sunday morning. Little did we know that Our Lady Sadie had placed herself on an accelerated time table. 

Before I even had time to begin phase one, a text came in from the adoption center announcing that...

Sadie had been adopted by a wonderful family with a mom, a dad, and a young boy who was 7-years-old going on 30. He decided that Sadie was now his lady and off she went to her new home with her mom, her dad, her boy, and a shopping cart overflowing with goodies.

I just hope they know that all of the really comfortable furniture belongs to Sadie... and that there's a soft warm bed with a stuffed animal to snuggle every single day for the rest of forever.

Operation Sadie... Mission Accomplished (before it even began)... WooHooooooooooo!!!!!!

I'll just bet that when Zelda heard the news, she looked something like this...

Don't worry about me wasting tongue shots...
I've got more where these came from ;-)


  1. Oh my - it makes my heart just flutter with happiness hearing about these two special girls getting their forever homes. I can't imagine how overjoyed you must be Kelly! I just love that Zelda felt confident to hop into her new family's arms. It shows how she certainly trusted you. Sounds like shes having a wonderful time already in her new home. I hope she sticks out her tongue in happiness soon to her mom and dad (which by the way is the cutest happiness reaction I've ever seen).

    There is a special place in my heart for guys who love cats. This little boy is very smart to choose Sadie. Sounds like she will be loved and spoiled rotten!

  2. Yay for Zelda and Sadie! It warms my heart to see that they found their forever homes.

    I can't believe Zelda actually reached out to climb into her parents-to-be's arms! As much as I love cats, I've always been a little wary of cats I don't know, so I rarely pet other people's cats unless I can clearly see that they are friendly enough to allow it. As much of a lovebug as he is with me and my spouse, my oldster doesn't let just anyone pet him.

  3. I am so happy for sweet Zelda and sassy Sadie and their new families!!

    And can I say that I really believe our angel Chanel has taken a paw in making this happen so quickly? Your Guardian Kitty Angel scoffs at the idea that her work was done with just finding Abby a forever home! :')

    1. I hope that little parrot angel on my shoulder keeps a paw in things around here for a very long time.

  4. YEAH!!! We are so happy the girls were adopted - sounds like great matches. :)

  5. Such happy stories! :) Happy lives, Zelda and Sadie.

  6. i had seen that comment from the potential adopter and been hoping like mad that Zelda's dream match would be made, so reading the above is bliss; bliss, I tell you! And to have the announcement topped off with news of Sadie's family is just great. Thanks for the double dose of happiness, Kelly.

  7. Two adoptions! That's wonderful! Sounds like they both found their perfect homes!

  8. Congrats to everyone! As the line from the Sound of Music goes, "when God closes a door-somewhere he opens a window". In this case he opened a few hearts and some homes.

  9. That's great news! Glad things are looking up. I was very sad to hear about Chanel. Hope her family is doing better.

  10. Hoo-ray! Such happy news! It seems like they are in just the right furever homes. How great is this?
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  11. My gosh, Kelly, what an emotional roller coaster you must have been on over the weekend between Chanel and then Zelda-cum-Sadie. I loved the mental picture you provided of Zelda climbing out of your arms and into the prospective family's. Was it the fellow who wrote in your comments a few days ago that they were from southern Michigan and were interested in her cause they had experience with cats who needed the gentle-quiet approach...??

    So glad you've got more tongue pictures. That is just TOO cute. Hope we'll get some before long from her new dad too!!

    1. YES... It was them! Such a wonderful couple. Zelda has a fabulous new home :)

    2. Aww, that's great. Thanks for taking the trouble to respond and let me know.