Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meet the Madisons (Again)

Aidan and his mother thank you for your kind and generous words on his post yesterday. He absolutely is a brilliant writer... even if he rarely lets his teachers know it since writing is one of his least favorite things to do EVER. All thoughts, ideas, and words expressed in the post were completely his (although he does have the benefit of having a former English teacher for a mother... and she's not afraid to make him edit!)

He will be back tomorrow to co-author a very important post.


It's been nearly a week since we've spent time with the Madisons. Since that day, I've gotten to know them much better. So today, it's time to Meet the Madisons all over again.

Mama Clarice Madison is a gorgeous long-haired silver tabby. Beautiful inside and out, she's a quiet and friendly girl who adores people and trusts everyone with her babies.

Mama begins her day by knocking at the glass door to the foster room, looking for attention and (mostly) her breakfast. (That's little Levi behind her, by the way)

Mama is young and playful. She enjoys a good game with the teaser. She's also willing to take on her kids in an occasional wrestling match.

"Take that, Mama!"


Black tabby Grizzly is the biggest of Mama Madison's four babies. This long-haired fuzzball has tabby stripes on his face and front legs, but is mostly black from above and behind.

The wild and crazy man of the litter doesn't spend a lot of time snuggling yet. His main objective is to swing from the back of my pants as I walk across the room. His second goal in life is to ride the broom.

Our long-haired black boy Bear is hiding a secret. We've already seen the silver fur feathered in his legs and feet, but have you seen his white medal? On his chest and under his chin is a creamy white medal that he keeps hidden from all but special friends. In fact, I completely missed it until a few days ago!

Almost as big as his brother Grizzly, Bear is the cuddler of the litter. He runs right over to be held even before I get two feet into the room. I have fewer photos of him because Bear is generally found sitting on my shoulder, or draped around the back of my neck. (At least point, I feel the need to disclose that Bear prefers the left shoulder where Chanel generally occupied the right one. I'd like to think that Bear chooses the left because our little menace is visiting her spot from time to time.)

Little Levi is the smallest of the Madison brothers. The shyest and quietest of the boys, he is quickly coming out of his shell this week. If I'm in the room, he is likely to be in my lap... usually draped on top of his brother Bear.

Levi is the only short-haired boy in the litter. He looks solid black, unless he's in bright light. Look at the tabby stripes that appear when you add sun.

The only little girl in the family, Misty is a beautiful short-haired marble tabby who is anything but demure. Sure... she seems quiet and gentle, but don't let looks deceive you.

Misty Moo is a ball of energy who is the least likely of the Madison Munchkins to sit still (hence, my requiring an assistant to get a half-way decent photo of her today)

And even when she's being held, the stillness can only last so long. I don't know what I could possibly expect... the camera makes a most fabulous toy!!


Please make sure you come back tomorrow. There is news to share and Aidan will be back to help me deliver it (this time as a co-author).


  1. C-U-T-E!!! And the first picture of Levi reminded me a little of Tony RH Pickle Magoo!

    1. I knew he was special and adorable... and once the resemblance to Magoo is seen, it can't be unseen. He DOES look like him.

    2. EXACTLY my thought too, SC Amy! In fact, I thought he looked more than a little bit like the Magoo.

  2. OMC - we just realized how much momma Clarice looks like our momma cat Mist.....must be something going around. MOL Serious bunch of cuties!

  3. A-dor-a-ble! I can't wait for the reveal tomorrow.

  4. Not to be superficial, but those Madisons are LOOKERS!