Monday, February 25, 2013

Splish Splash

For those of you on Facebook, you may have seen some of today's photos already. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them again and again along with the new ones.


Splish Splash, they were taking a bath...

"HEY! Do you MIND??!?!? Grizzly is in the BATHTUB!!"

Our every-other-day bath routine continues, and the Madison Midgets continue to be the very best bathers that we've ever had here in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town (Thank Goodness!)

"WHY did you not tell Bear how RIDICULOUS he looks?????"

"Oh honey... What happened to YOU?"

"Misty knows just how you feel."


"WHY in the #@$% is Ruby WET??!?!?!!!"

"This must be all YOUR fault!"

"Not GRIZZLY'S fault. The LADY put him in the water.
Oh Lady... Grizzly is VERY disappointed in you."

"RASPBERRIES, Lady! Raspberries in your general direction."


IF I happen to disappear  for a day or two this week, do not worry... nothing is wrong. My girls are both in the local high school's production of Les Miserables. In the next 6 days, we have 3 dress rehearsals, 5 performances, a cast and family potluck, and a cast party in addition to normal life and a boatload of Boy Scout activities for their brother. 

If you need me, I'll be in the car (or in the theater). I'll try to break out from time to time to photograph kittens and blog them for you.


  1. A-DOR-A-BLE! Tell Grizzly and Bear they made me smile so their wetness was not a waste.
    I sent a reader on Robyn's blog over here to you. She was asking about FIV. If you know how to put links in you might want to hop over.

    Wish your girls the best! (No I do NOT want them to break a leg-that would be all you would need!) Les Miserables is probably how the kitties feel in the water so maybe they can put on their own production and make their own blog post while you are gone :)

    1. "I dreamed a dream of when I was dry....." Hee hee - Les Miserchatables!

      And if raspberries is all you get from this wet bunch, consider yourself lucky!

    2. Oh Amy... that's brilliant! You have no idea what you may have started ;)

  2. have a fun week with the kids....glad the kitts are good at being bathed. Emma cooperates, but is a screamer. :) And wet kittens are always adorable!

  3. I hope you survive all the drama.. ha ha ha

    SC Amy, awesome comment!!

    Bear, you look adorable, not ridiculous!

  4. They are so cute, maybe even more so when they are soaking wet! And I'm glad they are (relatively) cooperative - you make bathing kittens looks like fun!

  5. They look like gremlins! It's a good thing kittens don't reproduce when you get them wet...

    What cuties they are!