Friday, February 15, 2013

Candy Heart Hangover

We're taking a bit of a rest for today while we recover from the sugar crash.
Is it me or is the shave job on Ruby just a tad bit extreme?

But just because Ruby and I are resting, doesn't mean that everyone is resting.


A teeny tiny preview for Monday...

Negative test results = FREEDOM!!
(And there's that white medal that Bear keeps trying to hide)


Also on Monday...

We begin launching the adoption profiles for our little Madison family as we begin in to search in earnest for their forever homes. They will become officially "available" a week from Saturday (February 23rd). Each member of the family will have their very own day on the blog next week as we introduce them in more depth to their adoring public. If you are interested in a Madison of your very own, please contact me either here on the blog or you can send me a private message through the Whiskers in the Window Facebook page.  

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. haha - love the shave job. I don't get it either - little tiny incision and they shave from end to end (though I have been told they do it "just in case" they have to make a bigger incision, which makes sense, but sheesh).

    Bear looks unmoved by Charlie. :)

    1. Bear has been underneath him, winding around his feet, in his path for the past two days. And just WAIT until you see what his brother did!

      Her spay scar is underneath that back leg, far below the tattoo.. miles of untouched bare skin above it. I'm curious to see how her fur grows back in. It was so light colored and fluffy there before. The late, great Einstein didn't have a bit of orange on her belly before her spay and when her fur grew back there is was ALL orange :)

  2. Replies
    1. I do too, but it looks like she might need a sweater in this February chill!

  3. Most of us don't get to see our little tykes' bellies before the spay-o-rama, so I'll be curious to see how Ruby-roo's tummy turns out! Meanwhile, how's Mama Madison doing? Best wishes, Kerry

  4. It is a big patch, but then, a lot of them seem to shave a lot more than you'd think they need. However, wouldn't you hate to see some fur get caught in the stitch area? ouchie! I had stitches in my eyebrow area years ago and they didn't shave any brow lashes and let me tell you, when they were growing through the scar... it hurt! Nearly drove me nuts, so I say if they have to shave the whole cat, go for it, it'll grow back!