Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are We Sick Of This Yet?


Kitten bathing continues on it's every other day schedule and the Madisons continue to be the best kitten bathers this side of the Mississippi. Just as our calendar is following a rhythm, the bath time procedure follows a certain course.

We begin by dunking each individual kitten until they are wet enough to lather up. The medicated shampoo works better if it is allowed to sit on the kittens for 5 to 10 minutes, so I take them out to apply the soap and grab the next kitten while we wait out our allotted time. So dunk, lather, repeat for five kittens.

They invariably end up waiting together, either inside the shower stall or huddled in front of the heating vent near the door. Doesn't Ruby look thrilled that the Madisons huddle with her for comfort? When their time is up, we rinse... one at a time in the order in which they began the process. 

Can you guess the identity of this particular wet rat?
(Um... I mean CAT)

He spends his time in the water looking for escape routes.

"Will NO ONE rescue me?????"

"Don't worry, Brother. It's all over now... for YOU, anyway."

And who might THIS be?

I spend a lot of time talking about what wonderful bathers the Madisons are.

But this little Jefferson lady is rather fantastic about the experience herself.

"Can Ruby come out now?"

They look pretty pathetic when they're wet and scraggly, but not to worry...

They fluff out nicely as they dry.

I may be prematurely optimistic, but this round of Battle Ringworm is going better than I had ever expected. Levi's condition has not progressed. He has his one prominent spot on his front leg and a slight thinning of fur over one eye where his affected paw would wash it. Ruby has a slight crust on the edge of her ear. It might be ringworm, it might not. But it has gone no further since we began bathing. The other three kittens remain blissfully clear (as does their Mama in her room upstairs). Keep your fingers crossed that they stay that way. Two of them have families waiting for them. :-)

As far as the rest of the permanent residents go, I'm watching and waiting. Not that I'd put any of them into the bathtub anyway. Norman has always had thinning fur on his ears, so he gets medicine drops just in case. As you might expect, this does not please him.

So he steals my pillows in protest.


  1. Sopping wet scraggly kitties are the absolute best! I am just smiling and giggling. I will have to remember to come back if I have a bad day in the future. Thanks Kelly.

  2. I'm not, but I can't attest for anyone else :)

  3. nothing cuter than wet kittens - except maybe half dry ones. So glad they are calm participants....

  4. Having dealt with the r-word horror, I have nothing but admiration for you -- your outlook is sublime. Thanks for these wonderful photos. Fingers seriously crossed that everyone's on the mend.

  5. I'm feeling guilty over how much I enjoyed these pics. So, I'll wish everyone a speedy recovery and go take another look.