Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Break Out the Sparkle Balls! We're Having a Party!!!

I have never been known for keeping a secret for very long. This isn't a secret that I'd be likely to keep anyway. We have news here in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town... BIG news. So big that I figured that I'd share Wednesday's blog post with you on Tuesday night. Enjoy and I'll be back on Thursday morning, bright and early.


After weeks of wondering, waiting, researching, and still not figuring out the answers, the Madison Midgets visited the vet on Tuesday afternoon for their first vaccine and their first FIV test. The results came back strong and clear:

Our fluffy boy Bear: NEGATIVE

Our floofy black tabby boy Grizzly: NEGATIVE

Our woolly lamb Levi: NEGATIVE

Our petite princess Misty: NEGATIVE

My eyes? Have tears of joy. My feet? Feel like dancing. My kittens? Snoozing the afternoon away BIG time after getting their vaccinations. We'll save the party for tomorrow when they're more up to it.

Their mama? Spending Tuesday night at the vet clinic in preparation for her spay surgery on Wednesday morning. We're encouraged enough by the babies' test results that Mama will be retested soon. (It actually would have already been done on Tuesday, but the babies used up the last four tests in the clinic. Mama's bloodwork will be run asap.) I'm not expecting a miracle, but false positives have been known to happen. So I look forward to her test expecting a positive but praying for a negative never-the-less.

No matter what the results, we will keep researching FIV and supporting the adoption of FIV+ cats and kittens. Our kittens may be healthy and negative, but they very well could have been healthy and positive. Either way, they were deserving of special and extraordinary homes.

We will start looking for those homes soon. The Madison Midgets are 9-weeks-old and range from 2 pounds, 5 ounces (Miss Misty) and 2 pounds, 13 ounces (Big Bear) with two 2 pound, 11 ounce brothers in the middle. (For reference, our itty bitty Chanel weighed 1 pound, 7 ounces at 11 weeks old). It won't be long before our babies leave the nest, perhaps only a week or two. Bear might even already have a family waiting for him. And if any of you might be interested in a Madison or two... you know where to find me ;-)


She's Home!

And showing off her shaved belly.

And an aqua-green tattoo.

I'm not sure what kind of establishment that clinic is running
to allow kittens to run wild and get tattoos...

I'm also not sure what our Ruby Roo was intending to have
tattooed on that bare belly of hers.

An anchor?

A mermaid?

"I love Mom"?

I guess we'll never know...

unless she sneaks off to that tattoo parlor down by the river to finish it off.


  1. YAY!!! I'm so happy for you!!

    I bet Ruby was going to get a tattoo that said:

    "Got Nip?"


  2. Congratulations!!

    and thank you for the belly shot!

  3. Hurray!!! And paws crossed for Mama Madison's next test!

    Hee...is that Miss Ruby's "not a tramp" stamp? :)

    1. I just snorted Diet Coke out through my nose with that one, Amy. Perhaps it's her "free to be a tramp" stamp.

  4. YAAAAAY!! Congratulations. I'm sooo happy for you all.

  5. Don't blame you for posting!! That is great news - and paws crossed for mom.

    Funniest quote heard at the spay/neuter clinic here: "Is Dr D here yet?" "No, she had to stop to pick up tattoo ink" hahahaha

  6. wow that's random, around here they tattoo the left ear...

    1. here they tattoo near the spay scar as well - that way is someone shaves a female cat looking for a spay scar (which may either "move" or fade) they see the tattoo and tada - spayed cat. I haven't heard of tattooing the ear....would be easier than having to shave the cat :)

    2. I agree. The tattoo makes more sense if it's where the cat doesn't need to be shaved to see it. And how I wish Penny had been tattooed at the time of her original spay. It would have saved her being opened a second time.

  7. What fabulous news! I'm happy for everyone. I think Ruby's tattoo was going to say "Princess" so no one forgets. Or maybe "Out of service"-of course referring to her lady parts.