Monday, February 11, 2013

Party Favors

My oldest daughter just turned sixteen and we hosted a slumber party in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town over the weekend. More than one teenage girl was instructed by her mother not to bring a kitten home. I don't know why not. They are quite adorable.

WHO could see this face and not want to take him home???

The Madisons spent the weekend entertaining the party guests. Every ten second lull in the action was followed by a trip to the foster room, and squeals and peals of laughter. By the time our party guests left for home, the kitten quartet was exhausted.

"Levi is NOT tired!"

"Levi is just using his lazy brother for body heat."


"Well... perhaps Levi could rest for just a little while.
Don't do anything interesting without him."

While the kittens rested, the photographer took advantage.

Just LOOK at this gorgeous face!
I love the white eyeliner on Grizzly's black tabby face.

A rare moment of Misty Madison sitting still.
Such a pretty girl.

A shot so nice that I took it twice.
Hopefully, I'll soon be able to get a good shot of her from behind.
Her markings are truly something to behold.

Perhaps there will be time for that today with one less kitty in the house.

Ruby is at the vet to be spayed.
She will be home tomorrow morning.
I already miss her terribly.

FYI, for those in Michigan or with friends in Michigan (especially the Detroit area): All About Animals, a non-profit dedicated to saving animals through spay and neuter programs, is offering a "Beat the Heat" special in February where female cats can be spayed in their veterinary facility for $20. That's where our Ruby went today. For more information about their spay and neuter services or their other veterinary practices, check out the link.


As we bide our time until Mama and her babies are tested and the results are released, we will be taking a short amount of blog space every day to disseminate facts (and nothing but facts) about FIV. Aidan has been doing the research and plans to fill you all in as the week goes on.

The Facts and Nothing But the Facts of FIV

by Aidan

FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) is not easily passed between cats. Cats transmit the virus mainly through their saliva. The most likely cause is a deep bite wound that draws blood, bringing the saliva into the bloodstream. FIV is usually transferred through fighting or by mating, when the males bite the females on the neck.

While housing FIV+ cats with other cats who do not have the virus is generally not recommended, family pets with a peaceful relationship can live together without infecting one another. 

Tomorrow... If FIV isn't easily transmitted, then why do we separate FIV+ cats?


  1. Hehe I agree Kelly those little kittens are quite adorable and cute aren't they? ;)

    Im sure daughters friends would have made great kitten parents!

  2. We can't imagine the chaos of teenage girls and cute kittens!!!

    I think more places, vets and families are discovering that so long as there aren't many changes in a household with an FIV+ cat, they can be part of a multi-cat household. Our friend Kelly had an FIV+ kitty for many years that lived with other kitties....and she fostered too (though her fosters did have their own room and weren't given access to the rest of the house).

  3. purrs to Ruby..

    Aidan, may I suggest you research Vitamin C and FIV.

  4. It sounds like fun times were had this weekend. I have a question for Aidan--Does the FIV ONLY pass through saliva or does it pass through other bodily fluids as well. Are transfusions and mating ways that it can be transmitted? Also, how long does the virus live outside the body i.e. do the cats need separate feeding areas, would they be prohibited from grooming each other, etc.?

  5. Oh boy, a slumber party with kittens!!!! Now that's an awesome good time!