Friday, February 22, 2013

The Blog Post That You Absolutely, Positively Do NOT Want to Miss

Not three minutes after I complained to my husband that this litter of kittens never sits still for a group shot, I walked into the foster room to find this...

"You were saying???"

Four kittens who not only stayed still when I came through the door, but stayed put long enough for me to focus a camera and take a picture? Unheard of! 

Yep... I knew it was too good to last.

"Excuse me... Lady? Bear requires his snuggles now."

"You going to snuggle him or what, Lady?
You KNOW he won't stop peeping until you do!"

To this little family's credit, there is a very important reason why group photos are next to impossible. The babies are so excited to see me that they stop whatever they are doing and run to me as soon as the door opens. They want love and they want it now. 

There could be worse qualities in kittens ;-)


As I told you yesterday, two of our Madison Midgets have already been spoken for. One of the boys even had dibs called on him before he ever took up residence here in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town.

"HEY! What can Bear say? Bear is SPECIAL!!!!"

Yes, Bear is extraordinarily special. Our sweet little love-muffin of a kitten has always been people-centric. He loves his family, but he loves YOU more. Bear is the first kitten to complain about a lack of attention. He wants kisses. He wants cuddles. And he wants them all of the time.

The floofiest kitten in the room is a roly-poly powder puff of a boy. Black fur mixed with tabby stripes, a white medal on his chest, and white feathered hairs on his legs... and none of it pointing in the same direction. My daughter likens his hairdo to that of Albert Einstein. It's a perfect description of him.

The Madisons came to the store for one day a few weeks ago... the day they moved from their last foster home into mine. During the couple hours they were there, they attracted a LOT of attention. And that's when Bear met and charmed his forever family. They waited patiently for the kittens to be old enough for conclusive FIV testing and now they will wait just a bit longer while we chase away the ringworm fungus.

He is DEFINITELY worth the wait, I promise.

But as much as I love to talk about Bear (and as much as Bear would like to talk to you), the most incredible adoption story of the litter belongs to his brother Grizzly. It's not quite my favorite adoption story of the year, but it's close.

Because our amazing black tabby Grizzly... the floofy little man who lives life on the edge, the handsome little dude who would like nothing better than to ride a broom, the smoldering-eyed devil who waits at the door waiting to charge into the world (and your hearts) has snagged himself a fantastic home.

Grizzly has a very excited family waiting for him. He has a dad, two human sisters, and one very special older sister of the feline variety. You might recognize her...


Grizzly's adoption story may not be my favorite of the year. But that's only because his new kitty sister's adoption story will be my favorite one of ALL TIME.

Earlier this week, I discussed the up and down roller coaster ride of fostering... and the epilogue to Abby's adoption story was a crushing blow for all of us. But as hearts began the process of healing, they found themselves irresistibly drawn to the rascal in the front room. 

And who could blame them?

Grizzly's new family is so anxious for his addition to their family that offers were made to bring him home even in the face of a potential ringworm outbreak. They love him so much that they were willing to give a kitten BATHS! But I just couldn't risk him being contagious to a very special girl. Call my keeping Grizzly for a couple extra weeks and exposing myself to kitten claws in a bathtub full of water a simple gift of love...

Because  if her family ever sent her back, I would keep her forever without a second thought.

Not that they're thinking about it.

They love her as much as I do.

Or maybe more.

She seems pretty happy with them, too.

But I am wondering why on earth she is in the car in this picture...

It kind of reminds me of another kitty I love.


The good news is that there has been absolutely no spread of the fungus among us over the past few days. Levi has a spot. Ruby has a potential spot that we're treating. Not a single, solitary hint of a spot on anyone else in the house (feline, canine, or human). While I'm not naive enough to believe we are completely in the clear, I am feeling hopeful that we caught it early... and preparing for any eventuality anyway. As we enter the weekend, I'll be bathing kittens. Woo Hoo (can you feel my excitement?)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh, I am so happy for Grizzly and his new family!

  2. YEAH!!! Abby is gonna have a new little brother. I think I feel a tear.... :) And that Bear is gonna run his new family around in circles.

  3. I wondered if Abby would be getting another sibling...yay for healing hearts and healing kittens!!

    Bear is so handsome that I am not surprised his family found him so quickly! But I'm glad we get to talk about him for a bit longer, too! ;)

  4. Wonderful stories and pics. Congrats to Abby's family and all the kitties. ((hugs)) to all and hopes for further healing.

  5. Yesssssssss!!!!! I wondered when you dropped the hint yesterday whether somehow that would be the case. Let's hear it for a wonderful family, healing hearts, and a kitten angel who is watching over both her families!

    1. I was hoping it would turn out this way. The Madisons are the only kittens in the rescue right now, so while we were waiting out the FIV testing I wouldn't even allow myself to think about it.

      But I'd be lying if I didn't wonder if the kitten angel was working her magic again :)

  6. Yay!!!!!!! I was so hoping that Abby would get a new little brother or sister. Such excellent news. :)

  7. all you had to do was ask.. (for a group shot)

  8. Yay for Abby -- she and her family are going to be happy as all get-out! Please thank them for the Abby shots: it's always a pleasure to see that special spirit. And congratulations, too, to Bear's new folks! Hope the baths, washing, steaming and so on are going as smoothly as possible.