Saturday, September 21, 2013

Field Trips, Part 1

Doesn't everyone arrange their foster kittens like this at adoption events?

"Right, Lady... Keep pretending that our patterning genius was YOUR idea."

We had a great Saturday at the adoption event. All of the kittens showed beautifully and we had high amounts of interest, especially in the Mayweather girls. We took some applications, but at the present time I do believe that they are all still available. (Hint, Hint) The torbie twins are going back to the event on their own Sunday for a bit of extra exposure. You know how to find out where. And if you don't, e-mail me at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com.

If anyone was wondering where Princess Torii was while the above genius was taking place...

Someone LOVES the fish at Petsmart. 
She was animatedly attempting to climb out of our arms and up the wall of tanks.
She may or may not have knocked down several price signs.

Torii had a completely different adventure later in the afternoon. She was napping on a volunteer's lap (or we thought she was napping) when she slipped off the lap, under the table, and under the aisle end cap a few feet away. I was able to get enough of myself under the shelf behind her and put an arm underneath her stomach while someone else was able to slide under the shelf beside her and grab some scruff. We all looked like dust bunnies (and not nearly as cute as the Dust Bunny over at Random Felines). It was about 60 seconds of pure mayhem involving roughly ten people and one stinker of a kitten.

She's not one bit sorry for the commotion she caused, either.

Stay tuned for field trips of a different sort tomorrow. 


  1. Such symmetrical kittens!!

    And that Princess, what a little stinker indeed (re. the endcap adventure...eek!) :) I must say, I love the picture of her with the fish!!

  2. Awww...what a special arrangement, how could anyone resist?

    Funny Princess Torii, I wonder if the store took note and will do some extra cleaning?

    Good luck with the adoptions!

  3. OMG, that four-kitten arrangement in the cage is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! I wonder how long that lasted.

    Wow, sounds like an exciting day in all sorts of ways. Hope you find just the right families for them all!