Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Who's Your Daddy?

Hey Miggy... Who's your daddy?

Hey Maxie... Who's your daddy?

I'm thinking this gentleman may owe us some child support.

Kitten chow doesn't grow on trees, you know.

Daddy All Star arrived in the Kitten Catcher's yard a couple of days ago. He stops by to visit All-the-Way Mae and graze at the buffet. Plans are in motion to encourage his continued visits, gain his trust, and stop his genetic line. After all, he doesn't have anything left to prove... He already created perfection.

"Big Daddy... You ARE the father!!!"

FYI: His name is Maxwell.


  1. Maxwell is super cute! He has produced adorable kittens. He probably has some more out there too. But yeah, time for the snip snip dude!

  2. HE'S FANTASTIC! *lovelovelove*


  3. Maxwell is a really handsome guy. We're glad to hear that his kitten-fathering days are numbered. He will be a happier cat for it.

  4. Handsome boy! But definitely time to put a stop to his prowess, LOL

  5. Wow-he looks exactly like the offspring you have there. Miggy's face and Maxie's colorings.

  6. Wow Maxwell is a handsome big mancat! I wonder if he was surprised that Mae is now "yeah, don't need you anymore!" since she had her snip snip? ;) Fingers crossed that he gets caught soon!

  7. OK big guy - you are a cutie, but we don't need more proof. :)

    (btw - we see your posts at night but mom's phone has decided it doesn't like google)

  8. That's a very handsome fellow and looking well fed. In my very limited experience, a hungry cat is easiest to trap. Sorry Mr. Maxwell but you may have to miss a meal or two before you're ready to sneak into that trap. Good Luck with the TNR!

  9. "I'm thinking this gentleman may owe us some child support." Hahaha!! I laughed like a hyena at that :)