Thursday, September 12, 2013

Torture on Thursday

"Excuse me, Lady? Are you aware that our food has disappeared? How about we work a trade? You bring the food and we'll clean up this mess of a window for you."

"No? No food? Clean it your own darn self, then. We'll get to work messing it back up when you're done."

No food again tonight because our last two munchkins are scheduled to be spayed Friday morning.

"Spayed? That sounds familiar..."

"Lemme check something here."

"YAY! Garnet's already done! Have fun tomorrow, Maxie and Princess... NOT!"

"Sorry, Lady... Belle cannot let you take her. Do you KNOW what they did to us last week? 
DO YOU???" 

"Max does not think she likes the sound of that word... spay."

"Maybe if Maxie is extra cute and lovey, you will let her stay here instead?"

"The cute's not working, huh?"

"You're dismissed, minion. Maxie is done with you."

I'll let you know when the girls are home.


Meanwhile, in the garden...

Thank you, Norman and Einstein.

I truly didn't expect this kind of bounty in September.

Neither did I expect the Norm statue to wear flowers as a jaunty hat.

Grizzly's working it too. Yay :)


  1. Goodness That is a bunch of beautiful girls!

  2. Ohh, lovely flowers!! (And memories...)

    I love that picture of The Princess sleeping behind Belle!

  3. I love the flowers. Thanks for still including Norman in your blog.

  4. Beautiful flowers...I buried my sweet Boo beside an existing confederate jasmine (very fragrant!) and found a sleeping angel kitty statue for her marker. I still talk to her whenever I am out in the yard. :)

    Good luck at the vet girls!! And I've said it before, but I just love the colors in Belle's coat! She looks so soft, too.

  5. but being neutered is a good thing, it is a right of passage in order for you to move on and find your forever home :)

    The roses are so beautiful. Did you see the post on my facebook page about the kitty 'Beast' who would bring flowers home to his owners?

  6. Garnet & Belle really are growing up into gorgeous beauties.