Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tuxies on Thursday


"Okaaaaaaay. Max will be behave so you can take pictures of EVERYbody."

"But Max is the cutest, right? RIGHT?"

"GARNET does not appreciate being ignored whilst in the middle of a tuxie sandwich!"

"And Garnet will NOT be ignored, Torii!"

"And Garnet's butt is NOT a pillow either... so there!"

"Sheesh. What's HER problem?"


All kittens (both Mayweather and All Stars) have returned to health and will be attending an adoption event this weekend. If you're local and interested in meeting the crew, send me a message at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com to find out where and when. The three who have already had their surgeries (Garnet, Belle, Miguel) will obviously be available to go home sooner... after the verification period set by the rescue. The two girls who still have yet to be spayed (Maxie and Princess Torii) will be there for the meet and greet as well. We will take applications on them and wait for the surgeries to make final decisions. Pass the word if you know someone in the market for kittens. These guys are so special that I'm tempted to keep at least one of them each and every day.


  1. Would love to give these two a home! They are so cute!

    IS it me or could Garnet be Ruby's Mini-me?

  2. too funny....they have come so far!!! good luck this weekend.

  3. Oh those lovely kittens... I am so curious to see where they will land!