Sunday, September 8, 2013

Photobombers R Us

It was shaping up to be a lazy Sunday... No, not for the kittens. Never for the kittens. The LADY was being lazy and neglecting her photographic duties. (How dare she do laundry and vacuum and clean the bathrooms when there are kittens to photograph!)

By the time the Lady got her photographic rear in gear, she had decided to make today's post about our least photographed kitten... the aloof Princess Torii.

"Princess Torii is NOT aloof. She is just choosy about how she spends her time... and who she spends it with. You have only recently made the cut, Lady, so don't push it."

"What are YOU doing here?"

"Do you MIND??"

"Princess Torii will close her eyes and count to ten. Maxie shall be gone when she refocuses."

"Sigh... Royal titles used to mean more that this. What has this world come to?"

Hello, Maxie.

She really has learned from the best little photobomber around.

You haven't seen much of Maxie and Princess lately because of the state of their eyeballs (as you can see in the photos above). The eye infection which has been so thoughtfully shared by their brother has settled into their eyes, which are currently under treatment. The goopy appearance of their eyes in the photos is actually more due to the ointment used to treat the infection than the infection itself. They are improving... which is good since they have a date with the vet later this week.


  1. Great photobombs. We hope their eyes continue to improve. It sounds like they have come a long way.