Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

What's that they say? Men make plans and God laughs? Well here in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town, the saying goes a bit differently. I'm pretty sure the kitten version goes something like this... "The Lady makes plans and the kittens laugh."

When last I left you, we were torturing kittens with the intent of taking Maxie and Princess Torii to the vet early Friday morning for their spay procedures. Well... the kittens were appropriately starved and upset on Friday morning. We did make the 13.8 mile trip down to the vet's office. That's where the plan ran off the rails.

After dropping off the girls, I drove most of the 13.8 miles back home to run an errand or two and take care of a dog client before going in to work for the day. About a half-hour later, I received a phone call. The girls were starting to show signs of upper respiratory and they were advising against the surgery. Now keep in mind that I dropped off two kittens who might have had slightly goopy eyes, but when I drove the 13.8 miles back to the vet clinic? This is what I found...

Actually, this is a cleaned up version of what I found... Swollen eye membranes, major amounts of white goop leaking from the eyes, and a plugged up snotty nose for Miss Maxie. I'm guessing she was saving it up for surgery day. I made plans for her and she laughed. Surgery has been postponed for two weeks while the girls finish a course of antibiotics.

Final Score: Maxie and Princess 2, The Lady 0

They're already looking a bazillion times better after a weekend of antibiotics. Now let's just hope that the others don't get any ideas.


Three kittens (the ones who weren't on antibiotics) traveled to an adoption event on Saturday. The Mayweather girls attended their second ever event while Senor Miguel went to his very first. The nerves were running a bit high, but they seemed to comfort each other throughout the afternoon.

Belle and Miggy holding paws.

The girls took a "If we can't see them, they can't see us" attitude throughout the day.

After their first day at the store, I swore that I would paint an orange splotch on Belle's head so that she would receive the amount of attention that her sister did that day. As it turned out, it wasn't necessary. Belle was the rock star of the day, receiving the majority of the attention for her gorgeous marbled coat-of-many-colors and her calm and even disposition. She was snuggled by several people and even purred for some of them. While we're still working on finding that perfect home for her, I'm pretty happy with her showing.

Garnet was still a bundle of nerves, but did better than last time. She refused snuggles from strangers, but found her way to a couple of shoulders for a better view of the store. And Miggy?

Miggy became my purring lap kitty for the afternoon.

Yeah, I wasn't excited about that at all ;)

"Thank you for bringing me back home, Lady. There's no place like home... even if Miggy likes to pretend he hates it here."


  1. I can't remember the name of the song, but part of the lyrics are as follows - "I think that God's got a sick sense of humor and when I die I expect to find him laughing." Appropriate here perhaps?

    And go Tigers!

  2. The song is "Blasphemous Rumors" by Depeche Mode. Very appropriate. I hope everyone is feeling much better.

  3. LOL.. I've had kittens do the exact same thing, I've started to believe they can do it on purpose..