Monday, September 23, 2013

Field Trips, Part Three

These kittens get around!

"WHAT? Max is just sitting here. That's okay, isn't it?"

"Miggy told Max about your special television, Lady." 

"You really should share, you know. We have no television at all in that room, which seems a bit unfair if you think about it."

Those white whiskers simply take my breath away.

"Away? The Roo thinks that kitten should just GO away!"

"Roo sniffed her and says NOPE! No way! Not going to happen! She smells funny."

"HOW RUDE! Max does NOT smell funny!"

It's true. Max does NOT smell funny. In fact, she's very clean... as are the rest of the residents of the front room. I walked in this afternoon to find four out of the five licking their rears with the same foot raised above each of their heads. It looked like "Synchronized Bathing"... a great coming to the Kitlympics in 2014. Maybe we need to keep this crew together in order to go for the gold ;)


  1. I loved the shot of staring intently at the fish tank. Almost makes me wonder if the fish were doing their finn teasing dance! *L*

  2. What an amazing fish tank! Where do you find the time to take care of THAT too?

    I guess you didn't get a pic of the synchronized bathing? That'd be an awesome photo.

  3. Those really are some tremendous whiskers!

  4. Those whiskers really are tremendous!

  5. That is too funny, because the other night I had six little legs in the air.. it really was a sight to behold..