Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Thank you for your kind words and thoughts in regards to the Myles situation. I can understand every idea on every side of the argument, including those of the people who wished another solution was found. I think it's hard to remember sometimes that the tone of e-mail and blog comments sometimes "sound" different than the writer might intend. It's also so darn difficult to contain our emotion over these fur faces when we get attached. In the end of our saga, Myles begins anew and so do we...

"Ahem... Esscuse me... What about US?"

"Yeah! What about US???"

"You can open the door, but Garnet will not welcome you."

"Garnet will not join you in the hallway either."

"Who do you think I am, anyway? GRAHAM?"

My friend the kitten catcher received another update on our Graham Cracker boy. He has met his kitty sister and they are quickly becoming friends. He is keeping busy chasing his tail in circles and showering love upon his new family. He hasn't stopped purring since his arrival. I think that's absolutely fabulous news.

"You've strayed from the topic of US again, Lady."

Okay... how about this? The torbie twins are heading to the vet for their next round of check ups and shots on Wednesday afternoon.

"Not US, not US, not US!"


My friend the kitten catcher has struck again! Another yard in her neighborhood has become home to a lovely lady who we have creatively named "Little Black Mama".

Little Black Mama is the mama to three spectacularly beautiful babes. She brought them out into the neighborhood to play and eat on the outskirts of the feral cat colony my friend has created. We have watched from afar and waited for the right moment for...

The next family of babies who will be moving into Teeny Tiny Tabby  Town.

While watching from afar, it was originally assumed that our litter of tuxie kittens was comprised of three little boys. As we planned names during Major League Baseball's All Star Break, I tabbed this group "The Boys of Summer" and intended on giving them baseball names. However, upon capture it was discovered that we have two little boys and one teeny tiny girl. So now, we refer to them as "The Kits of Summer". Individual introductions to come later this week.

The Kits aren't here in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town yet. They're feeling a touch under the weather and we've decided to keep them with the kitten catcher until they are well enough to join the Mayweather girls in the foster room.

So Coming Soon... "The Kits of Summer"

And moments after I hit "Publish"? I received a message from the kitten catcher. The babes took a turn and needed to visit the vet today. They will be fine, but their arrival might be delayed for an extra few days. Oh... and "The Kits of Summer" might very well be named "The Girls of Summer". Or "The Girls of Summer and Their Poor Lonely Brother"


  1. Garnet, you give good "stink eye" MOL!

  2. HAHAHA You can still use baseball, just use the movie A League of Their Own!!

    1. Oh how I wish I had thought of that one! HaHaHaHaHa!!! Might have to see if we can make some naming revisions (well, we already have... to feminine versions of their names... we'll see...)

    2. I may or may not have just renamed their mother "All the Way Mae" ;)

    3. LOL @ the appropriate "All the Way Mae"!


  3. Oh, I am such a sucker for a tuxie! I can't wait until they move to your home -- whether they're girls or boys, or whatever combination!

  4. Yep....once they find out where you live... :) Can't wait to meet them. And those girls sure have mastered the death stare.

  5. ERMAHGERD! So cute to see Graham and his big sis! Lovelovelove! I miss that little snickerdoodle. But his stink-eye sisters are cute & filling the void he left. For now. Until they go, too. :(


  6. Those tabbies are so adorable as are the tuxie kittens.........I have always loved the black/white look! Can't wait to learn the names they end up with!

  7. Looks like your neighbor has the same luck as us with that TNR thing! We’re two years into 'managing' our colony. And, yup, four little tuxies showed up at the food bowl last week. Sigh! We really thought we had most of the crowd neutered but apparently not. Round 3 of trap time begins shortly.
    Tuxies, hard not to fall in love the cuties.