Monday, July 22, 2013

"Love and Cuteness Overload!"

You just know the update is going to be good when you hear that those words were in the subject line of the e-mail message :)

"Do I look cute to you? CUTE? I'm a big boy!"

My friend received a quick update from Graham (now Ralphie's) family. Apparently, the transition is going well :)  They can't get enough of him. He started off by hiding under the bed, but has gotten over his shyness. He's playing and snuggling and giving kisses and even demanding attention from the company. His big sister kitty is anxious to meet him and he can't wait to get out of the bedroom to see her either.

Mission Tame-the-Feral-Kitten Accomplished (at least for Round 1 of the current assignment)


Oh, and this happened too...

True, Belle was chasing the shoelace when she climbed into a lap all by herself. But then she stayed a while.

"Not.Sure.Belle.Likes.This!!! Oh... Okay... Purrrrrrrrrrr"

That makes Round 2 and 3 nearly complete as well. The girls are getting friendlier and friendlier now that their big brother isn't around to hog all of the attention. 

I'll begin adoption bios tomorrow with Miss Garnet. Stay tuned.

One more update...

Thanks Einstein and Norman...

Your garden is beautiful. Keep up the good work.


  1. I approve of all things in this post. :D


  2. Yeah for all good things!! Those girls are turning up the charm just in time for new homes. And the flowers are lovely...

  3. You really made me smile... purrs to all!

  4. Kelly - their garden is as beautiful as their spirits.


  5. THANK YOU a tonne for sharing another picture of Graham/Ralpie....I just got my orange/marmalade injection for the day so I'll be all smiles for sure! Congrats to Belle for taking more steps - her confidance is wonderful to watch bloom!

  6. YAY Ralphie! :)

    How could those girls NOT love you all??

    *blows kisses to Einstein and Norman*

  7. Yippee for Ralphie and to Belle! You kitties are in great hands! Purrs....