Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tail As Old As Time

Tail as old as time...

Cute as she can be...

We're barely even friends...

Then somebody bends... unexpectedly :)

The second half of our Mayweather sister act is our beauty Belle. She's a torbie like her sister, but with vastly different markings and facial expressions.

While Garnet looks a bit more "exotic" with her angular face shape, Belle captivates with her gigantic round eyes. She always looks deeply concerned and maybe just a touch worried, even when she's not.

Belle is a marbled torbie, with fancy swirls like her brother Graham. But Belle's swirls are extra special because her's are black and orange. She has a medium length coat, longer than her sister's but shorter than her brother's.

Belle saw yesterday's post and wanted equal belly time. And while she's showing off her belly, check out striped stockings and the mismatched toes... she also has mismatched front paws :)

Belle loves the bling... check out the amazing orange necklace that she wears every single day.

(Also look to that necklace for a demonstration of the true definition of a torbie cat: Torbies are more than orange and black striped cats. To have a real torbie, the stripes change color from one to the other... all within the same stripe. See how Belle's necklace goes from black to orange to black and back again? Those are some impressive Torbie pearls!)

While Belle was initially the bravest Mayweather kitten, she has turned into the least trusting of the three. She has taken her sweet time accepting human love and attention. Where she once ran and hid whenever I entered the room, she now approaches cautiously from behind. I can feel her whiskers and nose as she sniffs the back of my legs. She lets me touch her (with no sudden movements) and purrs while she's being held. Belle is getting braver each and every day, whether she means to or not.

You might say that Belle is the control freak of the Mayweather litter. She makes friends at her own speed on her own terms. She's also a bit of an interior decorator. Belle is determined to make the foster room "her own".... she moves every blanket to a location of her choosing; the cat beds are dragged from spot-to-spot; she pushes the boxes and dishes across the floor just because she can. I never know what the room will look like when I arrive because Belle keeps busy.

She's also a watcher. The rose garden is right outside the foster room window. I always have a Belle audience sitting on the window sill.

I'm sure she'd love to come to your house and watch you forever.

Or not.

Just kidding... Belle would LOVE to love you.

She's laugh a minute. Hurry and claim her before she's gone.


If you are interested in adding a sweet Belle (or an equally sweet Garnet) to your family, you can contact me through the blog, through the Facebook page, or by sending an e-mail to teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com.


  1. She's a doll! The "interior design" antics made me laugh!

  2. Love the redecorating. She is adorable!!

  3. What a pretty girl! I hope she finds her forever home soon, lucky family!

  4. There are just no words to describe how beautiful these two babies are! Seeing them makes me miss my Miss Remy so very much who was also a torbie girl!

  5. I know I think of black cats as the traditional Halloween cat (and I have so many Halloween black cat decorations that I need a 12 step program to stop buying them!!), but Miss Belle with her coloring is really the perfect Halloween kitty!! I would love to see her wearing a tiny witch's hat, though I'm sure she wouldn't find that as amusing as we would. :)

  6. So funny about the interior designing! And her orange necklace is just gorgeous!