Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Norman's A Star (But We Knew That Already)

We adopted Norman in January from the Michigan Humane Society.  Shortly after he joined the family, I sent them a picture of Norm in his new home and told them how happy we were that he joined the family.

There's something surreal about scrolling through your Facebook news feed and seeing a picture of your cat that you did not post.  There was Norm, in all his Norman glory, staring back at me from inside our hallway bathroom sink.

The Michigan Humane Society chose Norman as their "Adoption Tail" for yesterday.  He may or may not have let it go to his head.

He spent the afternoon posting and re-posting the link.  He e-mailed all of his friends to tell them what a star he is... and then he fell asleep on the laptop so no one else could use it.

He dumped out all of the cat toys and kept the best ones for himself.  After all, Simba is not a Facebook star.

"HEY!! Simba could be a star if Simba wanted to be a star... so THERE!"

He commandeered all of the cardboard boxes and declared himself "King of Camp Cardboard"... again.

He demanded ice cream for dessert... WITH blueberry cobbler.  And then he refused to eat the cobbler (or the blueberries).

He took charge of the remote, and insisted upon a Josie and the Pussycats marathon...to be followed by a showing of The Aristocats.  He refused to even consider Tom and Jerry.  That mouse clearly does NOT know the natural order of things.

And he told us over and over and over again how lucky we were that he decided to move in last winter.  And just in case you need a few good reasons to adopt a black cat...

13 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat

1 You can't tell if they're dirty and their teeth always look white!
2. A black cat is a great accessory  to any outfit, they go with everything.
3.  Black is very slimming-- holding your cat will make you look extra-slender.
4. Save time on date night-- you won't need to lint brush on your little black dress.
5. Your cat doesn't care what color YOUR hair is!
6. Black cats are the most fun to play hide and seek with.
7. They have a "black belt" in cuddling.
8. You'll never need to go shopping for Halloween decorations.
9. In most cultures, a black cat in your home brings good luck!
10. A black cat will help you celebrate your inner "Goth".
11. They are always in the best dressed category.
12. They make you look beyond the surface to find true love and beauty.
13. They are the least likely to be adopted and need your love the most!

Kittens will return tomorrow.


  1. Well, of course he's a star! Just look at that face! gorgeous boy.... and yay for him!

  2. Yay Norman! Now everybody knows what a special star you are!! (But we knew it all along.) ;)

  3. I agree with SC Amy-Norman was always a star! Great story Kelly!

  4. we would say concats, but that really did seem to go to Norman's head!! :)

    1. He was a bit of a diva yesterday. But he's back to normal today, thank goodness.

  5. Replies
    1. Has Simba ever told you how much he loves you?

  6. Many congratulations to the charismatic Norman -- and Kelly & Co. for allowing him to reach his potential -- and I have a feeling that Simba will get his own posting very soon. Meanwhile, I'm still excited about Porter's having found a home and hope he's fitting in swimmingly.

    1. I can't believe I haven't shared this yet. We heard from Porter's new mom last weekend. He's ridiculously in love with his new family... and they feel exactly the same way about him!

    2. Belated thanks for the great, great news -- I'm so pleased for the young fellow!

  7. Norman, you deserve to be a star!!

    (hey...we live in Michigan too!)