Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Jeffersons at 7 Weeks Old

Can You Believe It??

Our Baby Jeffersons have reached the 7 week milestone.  I thought it might be fun to take a look back at how much they have grown...

Little baby polar bear Clay at 3 days old...
was the first kitten to open up his eyes and criticize the world he saw outside them.
(Here at two weeks old)
Today our take-no-prisoners big boy Clay is the first one to take on every new challenge.
He finds everything absolutely amazing.
His flame points are slowly developing and those beautiful baby blues are never going away.


Teeny tiny tabby princess Florence at 3 days old...
(and at 2 weeks old) was a teeny tiny tabby beauty who gave absolutely no hint of...
the gorgeous teeny tiny troll doll she was to become at 7 weeks.
Don't mistake those big wide eyes for either surprise or fear...
because teeny tiny Florence just might be the teeniest tiniest hellion here.


 Roly poly Lionel was worried roly poly at 3 days old...
and at 2 weeks old too.
At 7 weeks old, Lionel still carries around a touch of the worries...
but he might just be playing you.
Roly poly little Lionel will not only be the first one to the food bowl, but he will also be the first one to greet you at the door.


 Exotic little Siamese sister Roxie at 3 days old...
grew into the position of family drama queen at 2 weeks old.
 But by 7 weeks old, Miss Roxie Blue Eyes is the bravest and quietest of the three sisters...
She's growing into her Siamese points.  Seal point in color, but with a tabby "M" shading on her forehead and tabby stripes in her tail coloring.  I've heard she might be considered either a Lilac Point or a Lynx Point.  Anyone have any idea what I should be looking for to figure this out?


 Thank heaven Willie Rae came equipped with the distinctive orange splotch on her forehead.  She started early as the easiest Jefferson kitten to photograph at 3 days old...
and continued to display her quiet, easy going nature at 2 weeks old.
At 7 weeks old, Willie Rae is easily the meekest and quietest kitten in the room, but that doesn't mean she can't hold her own in a wrestling match with any of her brothers or sisters.
She's also the likeliest kitten to launch a sneak attack on that back of your pajama pants, swinging like Tarzan as you walk across the room.
And she's added a distinctive horizontal orange stripe across her back to aid in kitten identification purposes too.

Don't get the idea that these babies are too awfully grown up though...
They still love their Mama very much.
(Although this is the first time I've seen all five of them there in a week or two... poor Mama got taken down by a pack of marauding kittens)


And in Permanent Resident News...

Simba would like you to know that Norman is not the only food obsessed cat in the house.  Here he is examining the contents of the bread cupboard in the kitchen (one of the upper kitchen cabinets, thank you very much)

Chuckie got a new bed that he loves very much.
He's not the only one.


  1. Awwww love little Flo... Shes a cutie! Imn partial to black and white kitties but tabbies like Flo are good too! :D

  2. Roxie is GORGEOUS. And the rest of the kittens are, of course, beautiful as well.

  3. we love the helicopter ears!!! and we think a lynx point has to do with havin' stripes on her point. :) What a bunch of cuties!

  4. They ALL get points with me (get it-points)! They are all the cutest little things. Also, swooning over that picture of Charlie.

    Found this site for ya about point colors btw:
    The explanations provided say that Roxie would be a Lynx point.

  5. Oh my gosh, those babies! Love the progression pictures for each of them!
    No matter who you buy a bed for, a cat's gonna take it over!