Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Which One on Wednesday?

Welcome to My World

This is a test of your emergency kitten identification system...
This is only a test.

1.  Abby (Holly Waterfall with the correct guess!)
2.  ??
3.  ???
4.  Henry  (Holly gets another one!)
5.  ?????
6.  ??????
"Really, Lady?"
7.  ???????
"What do you mean, you can't tell us apart?"

Actually, I can tell them apart.  I'm just the only one who can tell them apart most of the time.
Who can really blame everyone else when the upstairs room is full of this...

I swear that I really did try to get them all to sit still.  This is as cooperative as they get as a group.

And please ignore the state of the table behind them... One of the kittens (the one of the left as a matter of fact) insists on turning the water bowl into a splash zone.  Puddles in the feeding area turns into muddy footprints of litter box dust on the table (where I feed them to avoid flooding the carpet).  Teenagers... what are you going to do?

And Just In Case You Weren't Confused Enough...

The downstairs edition :)
Holly also correctly guessed Lionel  is on the left and that Florence is the kitten on the right.
"Telling these kittens apart is exhausting!"

I'll be back tomorrow with the answer key.
Update:  I decided to fill in the answers as they are guessed correctly. 
Maybe knowing the answer to a couple will help you get the rest.
But... I will divulge all tomorrow :)


Oh yeah.... Go Tigers!!


  1. yeah, no way I could tell them apart with out spending at least an hour (no, day! really I need an entire day, no really two.. ) with them.. man they look great!

    1. They would love to spend a couple days with you, Connie. Seriously, they purr from the moment I walk into the room until sometimes after I walk out. Those three are the loviest kittens I have ever had.

  2. I will hazard a guess because I love puzzles.
    1=Abby; 2=Henry; 3=Tika; 4=Henry; 5=Tika; 6=Abby; 7=Henry
    Wiilie Rae (left) + Florence (right)

    1. If I tell you that you got 3 out 9 correct, do you want to try again? #1 is Abby, #4 is Henry, and the one on the right is Florence.

      I'm going to go ahead and update with correct guesses, so you might have just given the next people a slight advantage...

  3. Go Tigers!!!!

    And mom has no idea.....last time we had that many kittens that looked alike, everyone ended up wearing collars. :)

    1. The girls both had nail-polish tipped ears (one red, one green) until I figured it out. In person, Henry's size makes it obvious in a way that it isn't in photos.

      I am the only one that can reliably tell the difference in this house (and even I check, double check, and triple check when it comes time to dispense medication!)

  4. Woohoo-3 out of 9! I think I guessed my favorites correctly. I'm not sure about another guess. These are current residents though so Eloise doesn't count and the only other little one that is striped is Lionel. Hmm, I really have no idea on the bigger ones if there are no repeats.

    1. Lionel gives you 4 out of 9. I forgot to mention that every picture is of someone currently living in my house and there are repeats among the first seven. If you can pick out Henry and Abby, you might be able to do process of elimination and find Tika too.

  5. Well 45 isn't a passing grade but I'll let someone else guess the rest.

  6. Wow, I can tell that they are different kitties, but no way I know who's who!!